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Things Adsense Account in the Banned

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Things - basic things that cause our adsense account in the banned

We'll feel sad and disappointed if our account at adsense alias pull in google banned by the uncle. But first refresh our brains, this paper can be related reference adsense account why someone should be banned.

Once again look good - well, this paper is HOW ABOUT AN ACCOUNT getting banned.

1. Adsense programs do not comply with policies and their TOS
2. Do click on the ads themselves (invalid clicks), especially in advertising which in want.
3. Join the ring click programs.
4. Using a click-bot programs.
5. Indian services using clickers.
6. Join in the websites that can deliver click for adsense sites.
7. Using words - words, pictures or anything that may lead, nor to encourage visitors to clicking an ad.
8. Put more than 3 adsunit, 2 units, or more than 1 referral button for each refferal adsense, adword, firefox or something else.
9. Using spyware to get your site traffic.
10. Using pop-ups in the website.
11. Using the program - auto-surf program with the intent to get as much as possible un - targeted traffic.
12. Dlam put adsense on the page does not berkonten
13. Install competitor contextual ads on a page the same
14. Having more than one adsense account
15. Add adsense code in email, RSS, or others.
16. Publicly announced CTR, impersssion, and other
17. Not resign google trademark laws.
18. Arbitrarily change the adsense code of our own.
19. Ignoring e-mail from adsense team.
20. Put adsense code on the site - the forbidden sites.

Glossary - Glossary of Basic Google Adsense

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Before we move ebih far, would a good idea to read the posting below. This time I post about the term - term basis in the google adsense use for the money.

Publisher is the person or site owners who have joined and adsense ads on their sites.

Ad units
Ad Ad untis is adsense itself. Ad units consist of several types and sizes. The most common is the type of text ads. At the time a visitor clicks on this ad unit, then (if authorized) the advertiser will get the income in accordance with the CPC to its nili.

Link Units
Link Units are similar dengn Ad Units, only the format is similar to the format of the menu that we met at the usual sites - a web site. Distinguish units that link with the ad units are on sataa a visitor clicks on these ads, then it will be directed on the results page encarian in the google search engine. Publisher akan get new income when a visitor clicks on one ad unit on the page. On praktenya, Link terbukti units generate more income in the ad units compare.

Adsense For Content
Adsense For Content Adsense ads that are in pairs on a page. Ads - ads that appear are ads related to the contents page, or use the term contextual concept. Ad Units and Link Units are included in this adsense for content.

Alternate Ads
At the adsense for content, advertising does not always appear. The reason, among others, because the stock can be ad-related content has been exhausted or Google can not predict what content there is in fact If this happens, the default shown is the public service ads or often known by the term in the PSA (Public Service Ads).

Because bertipe donations, so if you click on this ad does not produce what - what the publisher. To overcome this, Google allows us to install the Alternate Ads. Ads Jka units that have been made in the set menggunkan Alternate ads, but when Ads Units can not be displayed, the ad appears is the alternative set in the previous Teah

Page impressions
Is the number of page impressions indicate how many times a page that contains the Ad units in the open by the visitor. Value is not affected by the quantity Ad Units on the page.

Cliks is the number of clicks on the ad units owned by publisher. In the reports page adsense, publishers can view the total clicks get him, and based on Ad Units or Chanelnya.

How Google adsense pay [for] us ?

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Whether, if readers not yet menyakini what Google give, let us read this shares beforehand, where we will read the truth of from given by Google Adsense to make a living

Google in fact have various service, there [is] GOOGLE Pages, Google Blogger, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Google Search, Google Webmaster, and various other service.

But related to this postingan [is] Google adsense. And Google adsense is not quit of the existence of adwords google. Adwords Google [is] advertiser program can advertise their service or product specially cooperate with Google

[All] the advertiser will get treatment of special, for example with [in] presenting trivial lines [him/ it] of diskripsi situs fill the the advertiser which [in] letakan in Google Search on the right, and [in] letakan [in] a website which [in] its it[him] consist in advertisement code of Adsense. Of course, the advertisement will emerge with keyword which [is] type with pertinent sits.

Advertiser will pay [for] Google with method of formula Cost Click er, namely method where Google will be paid as according to amount of click accepted by advertisement. But Google not possible (to) install advertisement [all] advertiser only in their situs. Therefore, the creating of Google adsense. Its [of] [is] same him precisely the date of the roll-out of Google Adwords with

Adsense [is] phase hereinafter, where Google can advertisement meletakan [all] advertiser of them in pregnant sius [of] code of Adsense. When advertisement of adsense someone [in] click by other visitor, hence presentasedari of[is amount of money which [in] [releasing] by the advertiser to Google to present pertinent advertisement will [in] to with the owner of situs.

For example easy to, if someone advertiser of Google memebayar at the price of $ 1.00. Presentation which commonly use to pay [for] publisher, lowest [is] 40%, and flatten - flatten altogether 50

One undersize dolara ? Yes undersize (it) is true. But conceive jka visitor of minimum phublisher sesorang situs 200 people per week, hence paing [do] not the publisher will get [about/around] 5 - 10 dollar per week. And if minimum visitor 1000 people per week, hence 10x1000 = 10000 dollar. so that publisher [of] tired bia and get money more or less counted 10.000 dollar within a week.

Why I tell more or less ? That because tdak all pngunjung will click advertisement, therefore, its result will more or less. How ? interesting? Have so much is proven [is] truth of program dar of Google adsense. Become easy Ianguage [of] him, [all] advertiser use service of Adwords to advertise their product and presented [by] [at] program of Google used [by] Adsense [is] Adsense publisher. Dollar will continue berpuar of Advertiser / adwords to Google, and money which [in] obtaining Google [in] presentase and finally [in] paying to the order of publisher / Adsense.

Ownskin VS Zedge

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This time I'm not writing about Google adsense or Photoshop Tutorial or Camcoders. Here I will write about the differences between ownskin with zedge so that readers may conclude that the best sites to visit ownskin or zedge. Therefore I write a title with Ownskin VS Zedge.

If in my opinion after visiting the second site I concluded that I can zedge site is the best site ownskin. Because the site zedge look neat, is not difficult to download, and its true - true and terseleksi content of the file that will download. While the view that ownskin is confusing, difficult to download, and its content is not selected all the files in the show ugly - ugly as it is not in the selection of a good man and the ugly. So if I can give advice in order to visit the site at any time zedge appeal ownskin.If me too excessive but I only aim to give advice and refer the best for many people.