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Things Adsense Account in the Banned

Diposting oleh story my life On 07.36
Things - basic things that cause our adsense account in the banned

We'll feel sad and disappointed if our account at adsense alias pull in google banned by the uncle. But first refresh our brains, this paper can be related reference adsense account why someone should be banned.

Once again look good - well, this paper is HOW ABOUT AN ACCOUNT getting banned.

1. Adsense programs do not comply with policies and their TOS
2. Do click on the ads themselves (invalid clicks), especially in advertising which in want.
3. Join the ring click programs.
4. Using a click-bot programs.
5. Indian services using clickers.
6. Join in the websites that can deliver click for adsense sites.
7. Using words - words, pictures or anything that may lead, nor to encourage visitors to clicking an ad.
8. Put more than 3 adsunit, 2 units, or more than 1 referral button for each refferal adsense, adword, firefox or something else.
9. Using spyware to get your site traffic.
10. Using pop-ups in the website.
11. Using the program - auto-surf program with the intent to get as much as possible un - targeted traffic.
12. Dlam put adsense on the page does not berkonten
13. Install competitor contextual ads on a page the same
14. Having more than one adsense account
15. Add adsense code in email, RSS, or others.
16. Publicly announced CTR, impersssion, and other
17. Not resign google trademark laws.
18. Arbitrarily change the adsense code of our own.
19. Ignoring e-mail from adsense team.
20. Put adsense code on the site - the forbidden sites.

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