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Graphic design fundamentals

Diposting oleh story my life On 15.04
Design is the process - the way - act with everything set before the act or plan

Graphic is in the form of scratches point or line associated with the print-print

Graphic design is a complex combination of words, pictures, numbers, graphics, photos and illustrations, which requires a special mindset of an individual who can combine these elements, so that they can produce something special, very useful, surprising or subversiv or something that is easily remembered. (Jessica Helfand in the site


Graphic Design is a branch of science SeniĆ  Design

That "Computer Graphics" not "Graphic Design"

From Graphic Design to Visual Communication and Design

Designers must be a minimum of five supported by the scholarly dimensions:

1. Technology insight

2. Science insight

3. Art insight

4. Social and Cultural insight

5. Philosophy and Ethics insight

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