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Diposting oleh story my life On 19.07
Basically, is a cigarette factory materials kimia.Satu stem cigarette burned, then he will issue approximately 4,000 dangerous chemicals with the dihasilkan.Asap the smoke from a cigarette out of the two divided, the main air (main stream Smoke), which exit from the base of cigarettes and smoke side (side stream Smoke), which exit from the cigarette end.

Hazardous substances-substances include: Polpnium-201 (radioactive material), acetone (paint materials manufacturer), AMMONIUM (material for the floor cleaner), napthalene (material camphor), DDT and arsenic (a poison for insects), bydrogen cyanida (poisonous gas, commonly used for the execution room executions), methanol (lighter fuel), carbon monoxide (exhaust smoke from vehicles), naftalen (camphor), tolune (industrial solvent), and many more.

In general, these materials can be divided to two groups of work, namely parts and components of the gas or solid particles. While the components or solid particles dibadi menjagdi nicotine and tar.

Tar is a collection of hundreds and even thousands of chemicals in cigarette smoke components solid after air.Tar contain nicotine and materials Carcinogen (can cause cancer). Meanwhile, the nicotine is a aditif materials, materials that can make people become addicted and cause ketergantungan.Daun tobacco contains one to three percent nicotine.

So, when someone burning and removing the cigarette, then he will at the same time removing the chemicals diatas.Bahan-chemicals that then cause various diseases.

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