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What is Graphic Design ..?

Diposting oleh story my life On 11.29
Design is the whole process of thought and feeling that something will be created, by combining the facts, konstruksl, function and aesthetics, to meet human needs.

Design is a concept of solving the shapes, colors, materials, techniques, cost, and to use yanq disclosed in the images and forms.

Activities include the design of various sectors, such as hidang production, textiles, interiors, furniture, objects and use all kinds of objects that require the creation of artistic blend of functional and economically from the low to take the technology with the high technology practice.

Similarly in the field of graphic design problem will involve planning techniques pictures, shapes, symbols, letters, photographs and printing process, which is also accompanied with the understanding of materials and cost. :

The main purpose graphic design, not just the design or planning to create a functional aesthetic, but also informative and communicative with the community.

When equipped with an understanding of mass psychology, and theories of marketing (economic), the works of graphic design can be a tool with which the campaign is very powerful.

Now what we know as the graphic design field activities include a more extensive, covering all aspects of visual communication through the creation of the logo (trade mark), planning and the creation of the book follows the face skin, illustration and tipografinya, planning calendar face, for graphic all forms of packaging, design, architecture to the letter, the needs of all goods to a hotel printing, typography title film and TV, posters, movie cartoons, animated ads for movies, computer-graphic, printed matter for public services through the postal items, newspapers, magazine, until the traffic signs and so forth. He said all the information needs visuil, from the need to be communicated to another person or even a mass communicated, a field of graphical planning activities. This is in accordance with the demands of life that always requires effective information and good enough.

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