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Googlebot has two versions Freshbot and Deepbot

Diposting oleh story my life On 18.56

Googlebot is a robot sent in by Google to retrieve information from your website updated,
yes ... on the web if you have it by google

So here I will try to explain about the two versions of Googlebot Freshbot and Deepbot

Freshbot to crawl the website and search for fresh content. Freshbot visit the website of high frequency change, depending on how frekwebsi change, if the frequency content of your site, the higher the Fresh bot will often come to your home, Googlebot only href link and follow SRC links.

Deepbot try to follow every link in a website and download as many of your pages. This process will be completed approximately once a month

It is very important you install the PHP script that I make to install a trap "impressions"
the script is a tutorial here:
Making System with LOG FLAT FILE

So when Googlebot comes to your website, the impression it will be caught and you can see when they come ...

Explanation about Googlebot
Googlebot explore the many pages by following the links that exist. Googlebot follow the links so that there can be up to other pages. New website page and it should be able to get links from other pages that have it by google, like: A page has been pitch-index Google, you have the page B (which you create a new overnight), you do so that the page can pitch B index by google is that you install a link from page A to page B at least two links (Tips. but put 2 link to the page that was quite far apart B)

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