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Diposting oleh story my life On 19.41
In a tutorial about this time we will create the effect siluet photos with Photoshop. The definition of siluet here is a picture that has a background in contrast with the object model or an image. Here is a tutorial on the principles of making that easy with Photoshop. If difficult, it is the way the picture selection.

Step 1

Open a photo with Photoshop.

tutorial efek siluet photoshop 1

Step 2

Make a selection on objects or models with Photoshop.

tutorial efek siluet photoshop 2

Step 3

Select the Edit menu> Copy and Edit> Paste. Goals step is to make photographs that are on different layers.

Step 4

appear on the selection of the new layer by CTRL + click on the thumbnail layernya.

Step 5

Fill the selection with black. How to choose the Edit menu> Fill. On the Use, select Black and click OK.

tutorial efek siluet photoshop 4

Alternatively you can also press the D on your keyboard, press ALT + Backspace.

In addition to the above ways, there are many ways that can be used to create this layer black. For example, with your sapukan Brush tool or by using the Layer style.

Step 6

Remove the selection (Select> Deselect).

Step 7

Select the background layer, then repeat steps to-5. We are content with a thick black color.

tutorial efek siluet photoshop 5

Step 8

Give effect to select the menu Filter> rendering> Lens Flare. Set as image below.

tutorial efek siluet photoshop 6

Here is a picture that has been given Lens Flare filters.

tutorial efek siluet photoshop 7

Image with a photo effects siluet have finished with our Photoshop. You can try to make more creative, such as the image below. In this image, the image is not entirely black. There are sections that are still visible in color, there is also a visible transparent.

tutorial efek siluet photoshop 8

tutorial efek siluet photoshop 9

The effect of this siluet photos with Photoshop.

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