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I'll Save Bandwidth

Diposting oleh story my life On 21.23
Placing the image file / image in 1 server with a website we can become a problem when you continue to increase visitor to the thousands of visitor every day, so why can?

Try you count the following examples:
1 file picture. Jpg with the size 20kb
within 1 day to get your website Page Impressi 20,000

So: 20kb X 20,000 = 400,000 kb
Same with 400 Mb

So the bandwidth you can out of 400 Mb for 1 picture in 1 day

This could be with you on how you put the image file in your service2 hosting a free 000webhost that provide unlimited bandwidth, but some are also hosting a free environment is not as you think: (~ ~ ~

As he only restriction 250mb/hari, while 000webhost provide unlimited bandwidth server but often ngadat: (~ ~ ~

The solution you can use the free image hosting such as, besides providing them free hosting for files gambar2 us, they also provide facilities for resizing, crop planting, etc. .... for our image editing: D ~ ~ ~

Edit image

One of the other Feature:

Oh yes, one ... after I try out a server connection is good, fast and stable: D ~ ~ ~
Congratulations to try ...

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