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Tricks for free internet

Diposting oleh story my life On 13.41
This easy way to do smth I live in the city yahhhh ... which can be sizable gedhe. Here there are many APs (Access Point), usually in the AP college campus, calendars and shop, a cafe and cafe lounge. Hotel hotel. Hehehe how this is not evil deeds and sin. because we are going to the AP or kerennya hot spot is not in the encryp, meaning it is assumed that all the people in these areas can join. because we are so close to the AP, we try to build with the AP that can go into these areas:

1. Step 1
You must have a USB Wireless Adapter. That can be ditoko computer stores with prices ranging between Rp 210,000 (cheap enough for this technology also) + UHF antenna dish shape.

2. Step 2
This step is a key step, the UHV antenna using the parabolic shape as the Grid Reflector to strengthen the signal. You can get in the store nearest electronics store with prices ranging between Rp 16,000. If more expensive dienyang (a fresh) night out.

3. step 3
For more from reflexy strengthen parabole you can add wire netting on all surfaces, lalujangan forget disekrup with the order parabola. You can also add the aluminum foil. But according to my very ribet when the packages' alfol. Even the 'tidy again.

4. Step 4
Pasanglah WiFi USB Adapter buffer on the pole there in the middle of the dish. When too long from the focus can be cut.

WiFi USB try to focus on the parabola is located. I remember the formula to focus dish. I doubt if the simplest formula.

F = D (square) / 4 (square). C

D: diameter dish
C: deep dish

5. Step 5
plug the USB cable (High Speed USB 2.0 cable system) in such a way. That neatly yes. Let keyen

6. Step 6
Then replace the pole in the buffer USB wifi dish. Place the iron pipes to facilitate antenne played that good play. Taraaaaa so differently.

7. Step 7
Nampang nihh people.

If I install the USB driver was WiFi (factory default).

Then install the "NETWORK STUMBLER" to search for a strong signal and the nearest. If you have not yet met Googling Googling it (quietly, my free)

8. Step 8
Place the antenna outside and enter the port on the USB cable to your computer. Scan the instruction Net Stumbler. Find a network that even in the most jareknya Encrypt and future with you. Then join up.

9. Step 9
Imoenk I get connected (exelence again). If not nemu nemu puter puter I hold a very good Assigned by directly the DHCP.

info image:
I see in the "poor man's wifi"
n gambar2 discover many descriptions.
Up to meet again with my mother in the next underhanded trick I

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