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Polygamy Is It Reasonable ?

Diposting oleh story my life On 14.20
Hi .... This time I feel I ask you, by you I think polygamy fair ci ... ? if I ci according to a fair polygamy because if I must rise to jealousy of each other and squabbling will arise. And I try to deduce the meaning of polygamy. Polygamy is a husband or wife who married more than 1 husband or wife. Polygamy, and I had various lo 3. . .
3 types arepoliandri, poligini, pernikahan kelompok.

1. Polyandry is a husband and wife have many, shucks. . . strong people's wives.

2. Poligini is a husband and wife have a lot of, well, if this ci a lot in this country.

3. Group wedding is a combination of polyandry and poligini But if I have not been tough on all of the robber dunk.Hehehe

I wonder if polygamy my teacher I can not ?????
And he said if it can be done origin can support their families.

Marketing may - just may polygamy, but we must be ready mentally and materials.

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