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Toddlers married with a 7-year Health Center

Diposting oleh story my life On 15.07

KARACHI - riotous wedding problem of minors is not only happening in Indonesia. In Karachi, Pakistan, Pakistani police are forced to liquidate hand down a wedding party with bride son aged 7 years and the bride daughter aged 4 years.

According to the police and citizens in Karachi, Pakistan, Friday (31/10), the police action was based on provisions in the country, the wedding can be done after the bride aged 18 years or more. Local law also states, marriage is possible after the bride grown daughter back.

However, that often happens, marriage as a male bride the age of 7 years and the bride aged 4 years was associated with efforts to resolve the dispute between two families or to pay the debt.

Police attacked the wedding because there are reports, the father and daughter reported the children's father as ransom debt of 500,000 rupee, or about Rp 64.4 million. Also mentioned that marriage is associated with the dispute between two families.

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1 Response to 'Toddlers married with a 7-year Health Center'

  1. Bang Iqin Said,

    Thakns sudah mengangapku sebagai kakak,mulai sekarang kita saudara!!! oce???


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