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High Aborsi

Diposting oleh story my life On 19.15
Aborsi in the shedding is short, meaning womb. But aborsi known in medicine there are 3 kinds of aborsi spontaneous, aborsi made, aborsi medical. Aborsi spontaneous is not an accidental miscarriage caused the quality of egg cells and sperm cells. Aborsi made aborsi is made or accidentally by the prospective mother who is not responsible. Aborsi and medical aborsi is done by medical workers aborsi but this is done because the prospective mothers have aborsi a disease and this with full consideration of the large.

The risk that is experienced and mental health of the mother. Because each aborsi sick, and it seems that it is the peril of lives. And the risk of mental adlah a very serious risk because of certain excommunicated by the community.

In aborsi religion is on because it is murder and murder is a serious sin. And in the law that would be the law of the mother that I do aborsi and the doctors, midwives and midwife who is despicable action.

I suggest to the government for quick action to this case. Because life is not a sin to be victims.

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  1. untung ku gak pernah hamel jadi gak ikutan marakin aborsinya =))


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