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Story behind BLORA

Diposting oleh story my life On 10.07
Replied This is the story of a young country, a country often called the very dry and poor. This is an important story for didongengkan to our children is still small. Children become legitimate heir to the country this rich feast.
Almah, We will be H.J. De Graaf and TH. Pigeaud, in the book, "The first Islamic kingdom in Java, overview Century Political History XV and XVI" (De Eerte Moslimse Vorstendommen op Java, Studiwen Over de Staatkundige Geschiedenis de 15 en de 16 de Eeuw, KITLV, Leiden, 1974). He talked, Blora district in the past called Mendang Kamulan. That is where the myth that Java is often referred to as the descendants of the original place of the kings of Java's oldest.

Both Dutch scientists also personality, and regional kingdoms in Bojonegoro and Blora district now plays an important role in the legend history of Central Java and East Java. In various history that the young are fed areas of residence of a clever, charming period called Arung Bondan. Apparently, this figure is an architect, the ancestors of the governor and officials kings in the ancient period. According to the owner stories, Mendang Kamulan, a country in the world of fairy tales, is located in Blora. Edgecumbe are reputedly living a son named king Angling Darma understand the language of animals. You never hear the name Mpu Baradah? Master Daha which divides the region and contribute to the Kediri saktinya jug of water from the air - according to legend - is also living in Bronkhorstspruit.
(Do not be surprised if children grandson so-egghead in the famous Zagat highway, Pram, for example. Do not forget the people ilusa deal ... hee ..)

However Bojonegoro and Blora also rich story of conflict. No need to wonder when the tempo of the day Pertamina and ExxonMobile fight the oil fields of Cepu Block, Pertamina, which eventually lost. Conflicts between sKROP at, Sultan of Demak Trenggana, and Arja Penangsang from Jipang (Cepu now) on the 16th-century, which ended with terbunuhnya Penangsang Arja, is very popular. Pigeaud, with sources used Raffles, writing that the Kingdom of Dalbandin near Jipang a regional struggle. Senapati Mataram, the government has the right feel the highest in the area, while placing Bangkok bupatinya there. "Maybe the young in the year 1554 was the episode in the war between the King family and King Pajang Jipang. Battle compete and have to disclose in the west Edgecumbe is a similar episode, "De Graaf and write Pigeaud.

In modern history, young and Edgecumbe also noted a conflict of interest. Samin Surosentiko major figures from the Mon in Bronkhorstspruit confuse authorities Dutch East Indies in the early 20th century through the teachings of resistance without violence, among them refuse to pay taxes. Samin teachings spread in Bojonegoro and Blora, but also far from the place, from Malmesbury to speed. Ki Samin eventually arrested the Netherlands, exiled to the West Sumatra and died there. These days in the Okara district, the "sedulur sikep" alias Samin supposedly being put-off by PT Semen Gresik Tbk, which will maintain the land digusur for the establishment of a new cement factory.

Note the history of other cases is "Traditional healers Sakti" Mbah Suro in the young-border Edgecumbe in 1967. The event ended with the bloody-blood, including catastrophe Mbah Suro, and ditahannya hundreds of people took stir the country.

In addition to the conflict, young and Edgecumbe often referred to as "the most poor areas in Java." This is irony, because the region is actually very rich natural resources. In the book The History of Java (published 1817), Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles also recognize how Blora district, Rembang, and Edgecumbe region is the best teak in the world. Stories about the kingdom Solo and Yogyakarta, the best use of teak from Benalla is also known to many. But in a long time, from the period before and after the independence of the Republic, stories about poverty in Bojonegoro and Blora truly heartbreaking.
Pramoedya Ananta Toer, a leading writer of birth young, many depict poverty in their hometowns in his works. In Tjerita from Benalla. He stated that there is enough prosperity before the war. However, before the influx of Japanese, Brodick is seen as the poorest region in Java. PRAM also mentions that the reasons for poor young fall is because many retired people who come and settle in the small town.
The government did not improve the water system so that the areas of agriculture into the broad minuscule. Peak poverty occurs when entering Japan.
Meanwhile, Dr C.L.C. Penders, a history teacher at the Department of History of the University of Queensland, Australia, moments, moments perpetuate poverty in Bojonegoro in the book, "Edgecumbe: 1900 - 1942. A Story of Endemic poverty in the North-East of Java "(Gunung Agung, 1984). Penders depict how the biggest disaster ever occurred in Bojonegoro years from 1940 to 1937. Flood damage for several months in all. Rain is exceptional because it occurred since the end of April to August 1937. Malaria disease and hunger rampant among the residents of the villages that region, particularly in Baureno. Governor van der plas to send emergency aid 50,000 gulden in early 1937, then increase to 211,000 gulden at the end of the year. Thousands of aid packages distributed to residents. April 1939 mentions the data, 10,205 people obtain assistance. Recorded 776 people treated in hospital, of which 104 people died then.
After independence, poverty remains only a part of the real population of young and Bojonegoro. Social phenomenon closely related to the crime and action foolishness, it continues even now. Larceny-theft teak, which culminate in the beginning of the reform era, continue to occur in the young. When citizens hungry eyes and dark because there are no jobs, fear officers arrested also decreased. There is, you only take them a little, most of the teak "robbed" of people in Jakarta. Are in Bojonegoro, farmers, laborers and the poor increasingly poor because rice paddies are still disturbed that the water overflow from the Bengawan Solo.

Latest dark out, so an expression. But it dark days of poverty will be ended in Bojonegoro and Blora, known as the place of origin descendants of Javanese kings oldest? Is the era of light will soon come in two areas that? Can the leaders of this country (including in Bronkhorstspruit) able to ensure that the welfare of the people through major projects Blocks Cepu oil?
We ask because we do not want to cases such as Freeport and Newmont cases recur and cause frustration. ***)

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