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Crocodile mystery hole

Diposting oleh story my life On 10.22
It came down swift. Floods close the progenitor of his head with a cloth glove. Likewise, the two friends. In the dark, they getek Climb left to follow its own ripple of water. In a place, getek suddenly stops. Datuk take the spear tip and sink to the bottom water to get forward movement. Basic water Resources. Getek remain silent. Dicobanya again, still not successful. Datuk surmise, there is a hole cover crocodile.

When the water was receding, Datuk back to it. True, and there there is a hole. The form as well. He calls them Crocodile hole.

Legend hole from the rest of developing mouth to mouth. Finally, the people around to hear from H. Joseph, the origin of man, Cirebon, a descendant of Datuk Floods claim. They believe that, come to the wells before the rainy season every once in October. There, they hold Ruwatan. Prayer please safety from the threat of flooding danger dipanjatkan. Name Datuk Floods believed to control the place, they lafalkan with the service. Ruwatan tradition spread to other applications. To the authorities wells, the residents also ask limpahan critical partner and a child-their daughters.

Crocodile hole wells located in the village of Vera hole, Subdistrict Cipayung, East Jakarta, about 20 kilometers from the city center. In the southern headquarters there of Indonesia's National Cilangkap, north Halim Perdanakusuma Air Field, east Market Pondok Gede, west and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Land in seputaran red lips well browned and dry. The nearest given iron trellis painted red and white. White marble floor polish corral wells berdiameter 75 centimeters it. A cungkup, such as the building of, memayunginya. The ceiling is carved building.

Right above the hole, a mirror depend. Through this mirror people can contemplate the basic wells which are lamps. Unless the flame was no longer anything in there. Not water, grass did not grow well in the berkedalaman 12 meters.

If the hole were Vera, is not intended to settle the folklore about the guy floods. There are other stories that have political dimensions, so while the history of Indonesia with all kontraversinya. There find the seven military officers, six general and a lieutenant, was found in a damaged condition. These traumatic events, especially for the Indonesian military, known by the name G-30-S PKI, kependekkan from the "Movement 30 September 1965 the Communist Party of Indonesia."

Murder on the commission so that the PKI anticlimax offensive against seteru-seteru political. Military hunt them that are considered responsible. Strength mass PKI out in quick tempo, and large-scale slaughter them in various areas by the military and mass pro-military. Some of them dijebloskan in prison and exiled to remote islands.

Flashback PKI offensive, marked by the establishment of the militia and military wings, at least can be traced to the date of 23 May 1965. At that time, to run the PKI anniversary commemoration. Even in this, D.N. Aidit, ideolog PKI, urged cadres to improve kadernya-revolutionary attitude.

Feast of the similar 'parade of strength' is overflowing with posters containing slogans-PKI slogans, propaganda, including the establishment of "V Force". This refers to the strength and farm laborers to be trained and the military. Four force has been formed before military force is a land, sea, air and the police.

Kebringasan mass explosion only waiting time. And the right, followed by the invocation Aidit terjunnya exponent of the PKI to the villages carrying slogans "encircle the City of Villages", not ubahnya slogans Mao Tse Tung when stir revolution communism in China.

In aksinya, they shout hatred against elements of society that are considered to be political opponents. PKI express in the slogan "Seven Village Satan." They are the landowner, wholesaler, bandits village, carpenters ijon, leech, bureaucrats village, and amil charity. The situation heats up, the PKI conduct a series of mass slaughter and systematic murder of "devils" is.

Action brutal PKI they rivalnya-rival. PNI (Indonesian National Party), NU (Nahdlatul Ulama), Parkindo (Resurrection Party of Indonesia), the Catholic Party, PSII (Partai Syarikat Islam Indonesia), to IPKI (Association Supporting Independence Day), standby while the various possibilities of various hurl criticism. PKI in one hand and political opponents in other parties, face-to-face for an open confrontation.

PKI leaders in Jakarta, which joined in the Politbiro, the highest institution of power party berlambang lungs and sickle, the welcome reaction seteru-seterunya accelerate the establishment of the militia. July 1965,-cadres PKI cadres coming to the Crocodile hole.

There, they are trained by a number of military instructors under the command of Major Air Sujono, Defense Force Commander Pangkalan Halim. Not only men, cadres, women cadres PKI also participate. Most of them come from organizations that are very solid at that time: Chris Greidanus (Gerakan Wanita Indonesia).

At the end of the training, they discuss various political issues, especially the long-lunge that a number of general considered corrupt and decadent to be krisisis Indonesia. At that time, the inflation rate to reach two digits. Queued staple food in progress everywhere. Many people who starve.

Ireful mass PKI. They rant ask the general is appropriate to them before.

Lieutenant Colonel Untung, commander Cakrabirawa, teams of security guards presidency, ordered Lieutenant One Dul Arief to pick up and bring the general-general has been recorded. Pasopati the dipimpinnya troops immediately move around the rest of the hole at 03.00 WIB. They spread to target each simultaneously.

Soetodjo Siswomihardjo brigadier general, brigadier General Donald Izaac Pandjaitan, Major General S. Parman, Major General MT Hardjono, Lieutenant General Ahmad Yani, Major General R. Soeprapto and Lieutenant Andries One Piere Tendean, take them to interrogation for Buaya hole. Massa is currently so until their mishandle killed. Cadaver victims to be directly in the wells. [Another version says some of them still to be alive when the wells.]

Horrific stories are flowing immediately. Suharto, a general who survived, took the violence through the mass PKI two newspapers owned by the military: Armed and Yudha News. Mentioned, before killed, military officials that torture and the party made improper Chris Greidanus. Some officer-AM sliced penis and eyes dicungkil.

Before killed, surrounded by their cadres while Chris Greidanus dance and sing folk songs that are popular times, such as the mighty of god or the Ganyang Three Ganyang City of Satan creation Soebroto K Atmodjo, musician People's Institute of Culture, the organization underbouw PKI. Genjer-genjer, pop songs that are hit at that time, participate lend. They have Trance and puncture-nusukkan knife to a number of members of the body of the victim.

Newspaper also announces, in an atmosphere of the summer, some women throw busananya, and submerged in the ritual celebration, "Harum flowers." The party before the party starting at the same time as a series of bookmarks the end of their military training. There are other news, which states that the party that they had sexual intercourse illegal. A doctor only provide pill-stimulation orgasm pill.

"Obvious to us," Soeharto said, "how ruthless tyranny that has been done by the barbarian adventurer-adventurers from what is called the Movement of 30 September."

Get mass support, Soeharto taken over the Indonesian military command stick. He led the ritual removal of the corpse from the wells, mempertontonkannya to mass, and PUBLICIZE data Forensics on bones and cause damage. PKI hatred will spread across the country and to bear hunting in large-scale figures and members of the party.

Sudomo, former minister of Political and Security Coordinator, said, there is a mass of the PKI killed. This figure is far lower than the estimates of the researchers of this problem, the rate of two to three million people.

They were the survivors of murder and imprisoned and exiled to various places, ranging Nusakambangan Island [south India] to Buru Island [the eastern region of Indonesia]. Almost all political detainees PKI, the number of thousands, imprisoned without trial process. Even a letter they received detention after many years is behind the iron grating.

Soeharto himself, through secarik paper called the Super Semar-kependekkan Eleven of the Letter of command in March 1966, the President Soekarno-diteken eventually holding military command with the full power. In fact, with power, he alienate Sukarno to the Bogor Palace security reasons.

Soeharto then sign an No.1/3/1966 decree to dissolve the PKI. Letter of this decision strengthened with the ordinance Meanwhile, the People's Assembly Permusyaratan (Tap MPRS) number 25/1966.

Since then, besides the PKI party declared illegal, any development or spread of activities and understand the teachings of Marxism-communism-Leninisme, dianggal illegal. All the ex-PKI and the relative familinya not be allowed into the range of government and military. In the future, they can not be private because private sector employees fear they memperkerjakan.

Changes in the political pendulum running quickly. Soeharto, who was not at all popular in the eyes of the people, the more dielu hail as the country's savior. 1967, so he was appointed president by Indonesia's second MPRS, by the General AH Nasution. New Order era began.

In that year also, Soeharto directly ordered officials to free the area from the hole Crocodile dwelling population within a radius of 14 hectares. They choose the most terusir village Rawabinong and Bamboo Apus, a few kilometers from the hole Crocodile, as a regional destination.

1973, the area was built as a monument of Pancasila Sakti. State ceremony on Oct. 1 to honor the G-30-S PKI, immediately bury people Ruwatan ceremony in October to urge Datuk Flood.

Seventh military officer killed in diabadikan monument, sculptures and reliefs, which is approximately 45 meters north of hole Crocodile cungkup wells. Statues they built a more than 17 meters with the installation of the statue of Garuda bird behind. Trapesium shaped wall, standing firm on the basis of the size of 17 x 17 square meters with high-riser 7.

They stand in formation after the circle, starting Soetodjo Siswomiharjo, IN Pandjaitan, S. Parman, Ahmad Yani, R. Soeprapto, MT Hardjono and AP Tendean. One of the statues in the memorial, the embodiment A. Yani, who in the past, so competition in the Soeharto military career, his hands to indicate the direction of the well-hole Crocodile seems to want to say, "In our dead there." Physical Dead, dead political.

To enter into the monument, people must walk along one kilometer from the Road Pondok Gede. Greeting "Welcome" graven in stone at the top of the big black. Bougainvillea is located along the entrance road. Around the memorial wall made from high back to front.

In the area of the monument, there are museums. Here, visitors can listen to a short history of the general who was killed, infused with a coin and clutch receiver below their photos. For those who want to watch movies the G-30-S PKI provided a special place. They want to read, provided library.

Some buildings used people to run the PKI activities scattered there. In the left wells, for example, there is a building the size of about 8 mx 15.5 m to be the place where the officer is torture. The building is made of bamboo and ayaman chip-chip board that be painted brown with black windows. Before the G-30-S erupts, the building was the People's School.

In the room, there are 18 statues. Some of them, statues of military officers who are being tortured. In front of them, stand four statues of women activists Chris Greidanus. One of them put on traditional clothing and white kebaya blossomed small, batik sarong, with long hair disheveled. He holds the bat in the eyes flashback pitiless.

To see the statues, the three available window is wide open. Bad explanation. Dust-dust on the statues gave the impression lack of care.

Not far from there, standing a building used common kitchen, which reportedly save the sound strange without exist. "Laugh and giggle even gasp," said Yasan Suryana, a guard who has served 17 years as employees.

Visible, roof tiles that had renovated the house. Walls made of bamboo painted white, with some parts be painted green. According to the story of the residents there, the house was owned by Mrs. Amroh, a trader Cingkau (clothes circumference). No one knows where Mother Amroh or his descendants are now.

Around twenty meters from the public kitchen, there are houses Haji Sueb, a tailor. There are some in the room, with three light petromaks the dusty, sewing machine in the living room and clothes with a large glass in the door.

House Haji Sueb regarded as a command post PKI. Lieutenant Colonel Untung, set against the plan the abduction of military officers from there. Haji Sueb itself has been long dead, after the long detention on the island of Buru. Family trauma and never sure Haji Sueb involved with the movement. Sound strange I often heard here. A number of keepers, perhaps never heard a voice wail.

Mystifying story can still be extended. Elizabeth [without reference second name], museum officials, who are considered to have a sixth sense by his friends, often see the figure of women who laugh, laugh at the rally held guard officers, all of which a total of six people. She sat down at the water fountain facing Saptamarga Field, not far from the wells.

Stories mystifying perhaps the same with his absurd stories treatment PKI cadres, cadres of the military officers who were killed, including penyayatan of the penis. 1987, published in the journal Indonesia Cornell University, Ben Anderson, an expert on the history of Indonesia, the report revealed that doctors make repertum et vise on the bones of the victims.

In resume research team doctors by the Armed Forces of Brigjen Roebiono Kertapati that, in writing that no self-sacrifice that sliced. This reinforces the speech President Sukarno, who had previously said that the 100 razor blade that is distributed to the mass for slashing the body of the victim wring not reasonable.

Saskia Eleonora Wieringa-author of a Dutch scholar The Politicization of Gender Relations in India-rate explanation of the official New Order of murder hole as the rest of strange fantasy. He said the military authorities and conservative groups concerned to see the power of women in the era of Sukarno, who may be emasculate their political strength. From here flows strange fantasy about castration of the officer in the rest of the hole.

"All the coverage is about Chris Greidanus libel initiated by Soeharto himself," said Sulami, 74 years old, Chris Greidanus figures. He, who is now head of the Research Foundation for Victims of Murder 1965/1966, had to make identification of those killed when the starting place, how, to anyone who kills.

The existence of a number of members Chris Greidanus hole in the rest of it is still full of fog. Some researchers tend not to see their actions as a coup d'etat preparation business, but is intended to provide political support for the project in the framework of the Soekarno confrontation with Malaysia. They are part of the 20 million volunteers who want to meet the challenge Sukarno.

A number of critical studies revealed other facts, which shows that the offensive had triggered by the PKI coup d'etat planned by the military. In a pledoi in the face of the Court of Military Extraordinary (Mahmilub) on 19 February 1966, pentolan PKI Nyono give testimony, that the military coup d'etat plans have been designed under the control of what is called the "General Council". To counterbalance this power, making the PKI "Council of the Revolution."

About the General Council of known Nyono information from a number of detailed, comprehensive heard the date, time, place, names, events, issues and others. "What I still remember," said Nyono, "is that not all entrance in the general-General of the Council. The number of members of more than 40 General, including more than 25 active political run-General of the Council. The main figures of seven people, namely General Nasution, A.. Yani, Suparman, Haryono, Suprapto, Sutoyo, and Sukendro. "

To achieve the ambitious, they often accept the meeting. Finally, according to Nyono memories, they hold a plenary meeting on 21 September 1965 on Jl. Dr. Abdulrachman Saleh, Jakarta. Meeting chaired by Suparman and Haryono, the plan ratify the composition of Cabinet and the General Council set a time coup d'etat carried out, namely before the Forces Day War on 5 October 1965.

The composition of leadership, added Nyono, consisting of AH Nasution (Prime Minister), Ruslan Abdul Gani (Deputy Prime Minister), A. Yani (Minister of Defense and Security), Suprapto (Minister of Internal Affairs), Haryono (Foreign Minister), Sutoyo (Minister of Justice) and Suparman (Attorney General).

Regardless, the sound Nyono submerged in the flow of cleaning between the people and the PKI official notes that from the government. Similarly, the results of research Forensics tried to reveal about the cruelty people PKI against the military officer in the rest of the hole. Refusal to remove a number of politicians Tap MPRS No. 25/1966, participate version of the story preserve the New Order as the only reference historical events surrounding the G-30-S PKI.

Elimination of the ideas come not only from researchers, historians and the public. Abdurrahman Wahid, president of the Indonesia-4, had them in open, despite criticism from the get-there here, including from the Nahdlatul Ulama, the largest Islamic mass organization in Indonesia that have dipimpinnya. Following the conversation, Wahid even hurl apology on behalf of the people against the people of the PKI for tens of years crushed by the country under the New Order administration.

Sukarnaputri Megawati, Wahid replacement, never act like that. But, in 2002, he was not present at the ceremony on Oct. 1 at the Crocodile hole. Is this form of rejection motion version of the history of the New Order, never clear. But, Indeed, the President made possible by the absence Protection countries since the birth of the Presidential Decree on the name change warning: from "kesaktian Pancasila Day" to "National Day of the Tragedy Due to the Treasure G-30-S PKI against Pancasila."

Simply follow the rules? National Education Minister A. Malik Fadjar, who was appointed head of the central committee warned that time, said to the press that Megawati's absence in the ceremony because he do not want to "open old wounds."

INDARWATI AMINUDDIN, journalist, working for Kendari Pos, Kendari Ekspres, writing in several mass media, including Watch.

AGUS Sopian, journalists, had worked for several media including Bandung and Post Watch, 2002 Watch sent to Seapa Course on Investigative Reporting, Kuala Lumpur.

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    Sebaliknya, putusan PN Surakarta No.13/Pdt.G/2006/PN.Ska justru menggunakan Klausula Baku untuk menolak gugatan. Padahal di samping tidak memiliki Seritifikat Jaminan Fidusia, Pelaku Usaha/Tergugat (PT. Tunas Financindo Sarana) terindikasi melakukan suap di Polda Jateng.
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