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Make a cartoon with Photoshop

Diposting oleh story my life On 23.04
In a tutorial about this time, I will use to discuss how to create a cartoon effect. As I promised at the end of the tutorial Photoshop to create a comic effect. And as I utarakan page in the beginning, that the effect is tolerable complicated to produce. To create this effect, the previous must first understand the use of the palette layer, making the line and shape with the Pen tools, and color selection. In addition, if you have knowledge of anatomy face / body, will be a useful additional skills.

In the cartoon effect this time, we will create many forms manually using Pen Tools. Techniques such as this there is also a mention as Tracing. In fact, the techniques such as this will be more suitable if the run on Adobe Illustrator. However, because we are the subject of Photoshop, so now we just try to use Photoshop, although certainly the way of making will be more complicated.

If you want to see another example of the image trace this, a few days ago I never make. Can be seen in the Gallery page 2.

Trace the steps of making images

Step 1

Open a photo with Photoshop. In this tutorial, I use photo Mas Wasidi aka The Small.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 1

Step 2

Because of the condition of the image is too dark, so to be more visible difference between dark and light areas, then I set the first coloring use Image> Adjustment> Shadow Highlights.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 2

Step 3

Duplicate this layer background, so we have a backup of the original image. To reserve guard, who know it requires the original image. , And finally, we also need the original image, to create forms that tricky, for example, eyes and lips.

How to menduplikat this with Ctrl + J, or with interesting names layer to the Create New Layer icon.

Step 4

Select the menu Image> Adjustment> Posterize. Fill a small value. For example, 4.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 3

Goals step is to reduce the number of colors used.

Step 5

Duplicate another layer images that have diposterize this. Change Blending the option to become Darken.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 4

Select the menu Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur. Set the value of adequate radius, while viewing the original image (do not see the image preview in the dialog box Gaussian Blur). This is the purpose of the steps that appear to make the border more firmly in every color available.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 5

Step 6

Now we start making layers of steps to trace.

Create a new layer, by clicking on the icon Create a new layer (in the picture below, I mark with a red circle). And then change the opacity value in this layer to 0% (I mark with a blue circle).

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 6

Step 7

Select the Pen tool in the tool box out (red circle in the picture about the tutorial below).

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 7

Then do the settings in the options bar. Choose the icon Shape Layers (picture blue circle). Click the icon triangular geometry option (picture a green circle), then check the option Rubber Band.

On the right side of the settings, there are some icon again (picture purple circle). Of course you have learned in the tutorial about this before. If not, please read in first in the Ways of Shape.

Meanwhile, on the use of the pen tool can be read on the Photoshop Tutorial Making Headlines With Path Selection.

Step 8

Create a shape using the Pen tool. Make the face of the image.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 8

Make a line around this path to connect the dots from beginning to end, so that the form of a wake

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 9

Step 9

Repeat steps 6 and 7, but this time make the shape of the color area to another. Each is made in the shape of a new layer.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 10

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 11

Amount of shape that made us limit between 2 to 4 color only.

Step 10

Change the value of opacity in the layer-layer shape that we made yesterday. Opacity we create up to 100%. So visible images covered by the colors.

To change the color on each layer shape, how to make do with 2 times click on the thumbnail-layer it. Then select a color.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 12

As a guide in choosing the color of the skin-color, I include the following several colors that you can use.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 13

Change the color on each face of all these.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 14

When making a shape in the area of other colors, if there is a layer that we cover so difficult to determine the form of shape, then the eye icon for a temporary layer on the cover can be turned off in the first, or first reduce its opacity.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 14a

Then create another form of ulangilah shape in all parts of the body, to the overall image of the closed-form shape.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 15

In the eyes and lips, because this section, including the principal in the face to recognize someone, we first need to turn off some eye icon in the palette layer. So that we can trace with a view to make its original form, which is not tar-posterize.

For the beard, I use the Brush tool disapukan small size of the picture with preset settings Brush Scattering.

Step 11

To create the background image, create a new layer placed on the bottom of the order forms the shape. This new layer can be filled with color as your menu by selecting Edit> Fill.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 16

Color should not be white, you can also use other colors, for example, the gradient Tools such as the following.

tutorial photoshop trace efek kartun 17

If all the pictures will be one, can be done by selecting the menu Layer> Flatten Image.

The tutorial Photoshop to create cartoons with this.

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