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Refine the selection of the border

Diposting oleh story my life On 20.32
If you never use the magic wand, lasso, or other selections tools to make the selection in images with Photoshop, will get a selection of a jagged edge.

tutorial about 1 selection

This selection of the border can diperhalus. In CorelPhotopaint, this can provide diminimalir with Feather in the selection. However, in Photoshop to give Feather does not directly get previewnya, so that the relatively more difficult.

How to make the selection on the edge of photoshop

After you make a selection, make sure that you layer in the active selection. And make sure that the layer is not a background layer. If you layer the selection is the background layer, then double-click on the name background layer, and then click OK.

photoshop tutorials selection 2

Click the Add Layer Mask icon in the palette layer.

photoshop tutorials 3 selection

And make sure you always active in the layer mask, not on the original image. Layer mask thumbnail image is in black and white palette layer, located right beside the thumbnail layernya.

Choose the menu Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur. Specify how many levels of the image you want.

photoshop tutorials selection 4

If the fine edge that you want only the perbagian from the picture, then use Blur tool to create the effect of the fine.

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