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How to create a header for the blog

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Some friends often ask how to create the image header for their blog. So in Photoshop tutorials this time we will learn how to create an image header. To create a header, of course we need a program that can develop / create an image in bitmap format. There are many programs that can be used, just select that familiar with you, there Photosop Adobe, Corel Photopaint, Macromedia Firework, and many more. But that is now kubahas It Photoshop.

Before we begin to make the picture, there are some things that we need to prepare beforehand, namely:

* The appropriate size of the header.

This should be seen from the blog template that is. For example we will make, the size of the header is 780 times 180 pixels. Same with the size of the header that I use in my blog sadewo-photology, I use a template that course-780-made gold Isnaini.

I packing a template from Blogger, size can be adjusted themselves (but I never course kukasih image, the image appears as background for his header, may appear no matter which must be ironclad CSS (katrok I was rather a matter of css, especially php ..). It is also diakali to create a new page element of the Image is actually, but I can be placed header as the background.). I used as a page element, first measure the maximum size of the location of page element was.

* The images, or materials to be used.

Remember that image is pointing nongol continue in your blog.

* Prepare also a small food and drink in addition to the computer, who know the time preoccupation mbuat feel laper picture ...

How to create a Photoshop image header

1. Open out the program first, then create a new file by selecting the File menu> New. In the New dialog box, enter the size of the header that will be created. For example, the width = 780 pixels with a unit measure, and hold on the height = 180. Do not forget the resolution should be 72 pixels / inch. Click OK if all sizes have been appropriate.

For more details can be seen in the image below.
# Then create the image that you want the new file header ini.Gambar can enter the picture with the other, love writing, or what's up with ideas and kreativitasmu. I confused, was the idea? Open a website and blog on the Internet, many, and tin

how to create a blog header with photoshop, 2
# Ggal I find the idea of the pictures. But remember, DO NOT ngopi paste the image header others continue to be installed again, the same house stealing. Search Ideas, not steal idea.

# After the image so, if the image using more than one layer, first select the menu Layer> Flatten Image to all layers into one layer in the background.

# Then save (File> Save) with the JPEG / JPG or GIF. This is so that the file size is small. If the instruction JPEG / JPG Arrange the value of compression in the JPG option dialog box that appears when you click the Save button. How much compression is needed, depending on the conditions of the picture, for example, the size and colors used. Adjust themselves between the size of the file with the results so the image quality, because more and more compressed so the picture quality will drop.
  1. # Picture in a red circle, the left is the size of the file will be saved (in kilobytes), and that is the right time that is required when the image is accessed in a certain size kbps.

    After the image # i, I live with the software is uploaded to your blog.cara membuat header blog dengan photoshop, gambar 4
    For example, you use Blogger, use the page's elements. I own hosting, upload it in CPanel. Or can I also uploaded to the web serving image hosting, for example, Photobucket, ImgPlace, atau yang lain.

If you do not know the size of the image in accordance with the size of the template / theme it. Here's how to know the size:

* Keep the header image that exists in your blog. Then open the picture with Photoshop. Then select the menu Image> Image size. It will see the length and breadth. The resolution, usually 72 dpi.

* Or, if the picture does not exist or can not be saved, then the image header of your blog visible on the screen monitor Dial Print Screen key on the keyboard (sometimes one is not enough, need 2 or 3 times to press the button).

Then open the program Photoshop. Create a new file by choosing File> New. Make sure the field in the preset Size is the size of the file clipboard (usually directly is the clipboard), then click OK. Then select the Edit menu> Paste.

You have to display images with the actual size. Now select the Crop tool, potonglah image fit in the picture is only the header. Then select the menu Image> Image Size to know the length and width of the image, or simply use the results of the crop was for the media to make your header image.

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