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And Free Teen Sex

Diposting oleh story my life On 13.20
Pontianak - PERSOALAN deviant behavior among teenagers is not a new thing if associated with the negative impact of globalization. The phenomenon phenomena such as sex-free by the teenagers, not only in big cities, but also into regions, including in Sintang. It is anticipated, if not of course be dangerous to the youth generation in the future. This issue was raised by the Pay Jarot Sujarwo, book author Pontianak "Teenager" Under Cover, lalam broadcast persnya, after the discussions held throughout
Indonesian Islamic Students Movement (PMII) Sintang District, in cooperation with the Student Executive Body (BEM) High School's Teacher Education and Science (STKIP) Sintang, in the Hall SMAN 2 Sintang not this time.

Discussion of the issue of youth deviant behavior Sintang associated with the role of education is, as a form of response from the book that had scandalize the community Pontianak written by the Pay Jarot Sujarwo Pontianak entitled "Teenager" Under Cover, as well as the efforts to save a generation of teenagers Unsurprisingly, are still in school Sintang of negative behaviors such as sex, which is displayed as a free Pay in the book.

Pay says, is a generation of teenagers unstable that need to get more positive guidance from the various elements, including teachers. The system of education-oriented values, and disregard the moral development of students is the system that need to be criticized.

"When the youth out of formal education institutions called schools with a high level kelabilan and lack of moral education from the school, will have the potential to deviate behaviors themselves," he said.

Keynote Speaker from other institutions STKIP Sintang, Dra Salniati said that the phenomenon of Pay written in the book is not only in Muzaffarabad alone, but also in the City Sintang.

"Education is not the only institution that will be responsible for the environment but also families and communities have an important role in the effort to make the generation of teenagers in Sintang. (Zan)

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  1. ya ginilah wajah remaja Qta sekarang, bkn cuma di pontianak atau di sintang, tp jg di kota2 lain...

    baca juga

    salam kenal yaaah


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