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SMS for Lebaran

Diposting oleh story my life On 20.14
Ramadan arrived shortly. We Muslims will celebrate the worship of one month of fasting. Ready-ready awake early days, delaying food and keep the act. Hopefully habits in Ramadan can be done in the next months. Build a regular sleep, regular meals, and always think positive.

Southerners are not complete for us to prayer and fasting if not bermaaf Greetings to all the people we know. To do good, must necessarily begin with a clean heart is not it? Since the phone is almost wholly owned by some people, the SMS feature is a favorite for the apology and congratulation.

By Month Ramadan and Lebaran, vocabulary to send the SMS speech would not want to be owned by each user's phone. Moreover, there is a ngirim speech, the reply we think we? Here are a few words of greeting for Ramadan and Worship Feast show that can be used as a template, especially for those who can not make their own creative

Speech to show the words or the Month of Ramadhan Fasting can be replaced with the word Lebaran or Idul Fitri, please be modified. For those who want nyumbang speech please put in comments, if there is the idea again this speech will be updated. Hopefully useful.

To close comrade

I realize it is not a perfect friend to you.
Error and oversight. There is among us.
Especially that I often ngerepotin you.
Met and fasting Sorry Born Batin.

Links Make the Best That dude
to sometimes wishes GaK kErAsA
gUe NgAtAiN lüe n NgEjEkIn Lu will
MaAfiN gUe far NgErEnDaHiN
it is as lüe
part of the self gUe
MeT fasting Yes!

For parents / father / mother

Father and mother have all the soul swap
merely for blessing me
And until this moment I can not necessarily
replace with a blessing for both mother and father.
Welcome Ramadan worship, Father, Mother
Regretfully born and bathin.
Ananda, Irwan in Yogyakarta.

For parents / father / mother in the Sunda language

Wilujeng Sasih Siam
What Kanggo, Mamah about English Kulawargi on Earth.
Neda was hapunten samudaya kalepatan
nu dihaja sinareng henteu.
Mugia ibadahna salawasna Aya ignoble kamulyaan.
IT Deden, eNeng about English Anggun in Yogyakarta.

To contact the office / relationships / friends far / neighbors

One year does not feel
Ramadan has again we kengunjungi
Hopefully that passed by and done
Making good on this holy month
Marhaban sick Ramadan
Please Sorry Born and Bathin
Jessi & Family

For boss / supervisor or someone who respected

On the sun, wind and trees hymn the praise of thy majesty.
All hail the arrival of Thousand Months.
Welcome Ramadan, and fasting worship.
Please Sorry Born and Bathin.
Jessi once, Jogjakarta.

For the Dead

All that is kulakukan to kebahagianmu.
Everything is for you.
I'm just not a perfect man
there is a word and error
that may harm your heart.
I know, accept maafku.
Together with 1,000 people, Aa.

Perhaps the new 90 days we engaged
but not much more I can
make you happy and cloudless.
Give me more days, months, even years,
to be more membahagiakanmu.
Together this holy month, our net return
thread, the understanding between us.
Aa, born and bathin.

I'm sorry for this I make you chafe.
Also honest, I think it's easy ngertiin you.
100% but I love you.
Fasting Met, pardon my birth and my mind.
I Love U.

To wife
The father is fully aware that there are still many
the dream that we can not yet be realized.
Ramadan this year hopefully return
to bring happiness to our home.
Congratulations to serve the fast Bu,
do not get bored wake sleeping when the father do.
Regretfully born and bathin.
1000 Kisses, father.

Update 9 September 2007. There are words of greeting from getting a good Trian, following several kutipannya:

In humility are indebted altitude.
There is poverty in property wealth soul.
Life is beautiful if you feel there is sorry.
Taqabalallahu Minna Waminkum ...

Go sigh, I did not want to be friends dengamu
Please groan, it is not takdirku
Mujahadah is people, propaganda is nafasku,
You and God is.
Pardon all the errors.

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