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Chinese Film

Diposting oleh story my life On 21.11
Hong Kong is the largest center in southeast asia to make Chinese movies. only a few years ago, is largely made films Cantonese Chinese. at that time, about 600 Cantonese movies made each year. they are shown in cinemas in Hong Kong and other southeast Asian countries. Hong Kong but now has become a center for film mandarin. This movie is usually very well made in color. the visible world, including the north and south of the United States, UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

How much do we charge to make movies? mandarin movies in both color cost at least HK $ 1 million. Cantonese movies, which both used to cost about half of that amount. catonese but very few films made during this
Hong Kong movie company to make some part of their film in italia, southern Indonesia, Japan, and other countries. but foreign film companies often make movies in Hong Kong because of the colorful scenery here
The film industry is growing rapidly. 'Kungfu' movies have become very popular in Hong Kong and in Europe, in Indonesia, loki and the middle east. but many people think that too many in the fight against them. they believe that good movies made about the life of ordinary Chinese or old stories, such as the dream of space will eventually become red more popular. what?

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