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Komodo Island History

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This is the story about dragons. Not just a legend, but really prefer the dragon, which until now still inhabit the islands of Indonesia and the middle east. From the world of giant reptiles have this reputation as the top predators in the class.

Since the first on the island of Komodo, array Islands of Flores, Indonesia, the story has appeared on a giant dragon. Many of the sailors towards the dragon that is more like a frightening monster.

Tails, which is a large animal can only buffalo with a swish. Rahangnya big and strong, able to swallow a wild pig in one movement. And from his mouth always spout fire.

This story was circulating the area and attract more people. However, there is never dare approach returns to the island. Until finally in the early 1910s, reports emerged from the cluster-unit fleet of combat ships, the Dutch head in Flores about mysterious creatures that suspected "dragon" occupy a small island in the Lesser Sunda Islands region (now range Islands Flores, Nusa Tenggara).

The sailors gave the Dutch military reports that the creature is the size of the possibility to seven meters in length, with the body and mouth of a giant belch of fire continuously. Lieutenant Hensbroek van Steyn, a Dutch Colonial Administration officials in the area of Flores this report and heard stories that covers the island of Komodo. He also plans a trip to Komodo Island.

After mempersenjatai and bring a team trained army, he landed on the island. After several days on the island, Hensbroek successfully kill one species is strange.

He brought them to the headquarters and conducted a long measurement results with long buruannya approximately 2.1 meters. The form is very similar to lizards. Animal then photophobia (documented) by Peter A Ouwens, Director of Zoological Museum and Botanical Gardens Bogor, Java. This is the first documentation about the komodo dragons.

Ouwens interested in the findings are strange animals. He then recruited a cunning hunter to capture specimens for. The successful hunters kill two komodo dragons are the size of the tail 3.1 meters and 3.35 meters, plus capture of two young, each the size of below one meter.

Based on this catch the hunter, Ouwens conduct research and concluded that the dragon is not the komodo dragons sparger fire, but including the type of monitor lizard (monitor lizard) in the reptile class.

The results of this research and publication of newspapers published in 1912. In telling it, Ouwens give suggestions on the name of the giant lizard Varanus komodoensis as a replacement nickname Komodo Dragon (Komodo Dragon).

Conscious of the importance komodo dragons as endangered wildlife, the Dutch government issued a regulation on the protection and komodo dragons on Komodo Island in 1915. Be that as the area of conservation areas komodo dragons.

The findings komodo dragons as a living legend of the dragon, fishing curiosity internationally. Some scientific expeditions from various countries in rotation to do research on the island of Komodo.

Keeping the Prehistoric Animals

After World War I, a scientific expedition designed to conduct research komodo dragons. In 1926, expedition led by W Douglas Burden from the American Museum of Natural History with the device termodern research, conducting research for months.

Expeditions involving dozens of people catching the tail, 27 komodo dragons. They perform surgical anatomy and species identification. From here the first scientific report about the complete komodo dragons are made.

Komodo dragons that have described the head of a big and strong, have a pair of shining eyes, skin, hard, thick and viscous. Kelambir have wrinkled skin below the neck.

The form is similar to the lizards, with four legs and a big fat cow is also big fat long. 26 have sharp teeth, each the size of 4 cm, has a tongue divide the bright red color. If viewed from a distance, the tongue of fire dijulurkan will be similar, because komodo dragons are often tongue protrude like snakes.

Komodo dragons are also powerful hunter. He relies on bite and poison the bacteria in the ludahnya to immobilize prey. He will follow the luck that has been injured during the spend-to-day, until finally died, then he desired. As karnivora and scavenger (carcass eater), komodo dragons are only found on the island of Komodo, Rinca Island, Padar Island, Gili Motang, Owadi and Samiin. Komodo also known as the animal swimming champion. With the way that he conducted exploration in the islands around Flores.

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