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Legend Sangkuriang

Diposting oleh story my life On 19.32
Based on the legend, told King that the painting PERBANGKARA go hunting. In the middle of the forest King discard the water in the art of incomplete leaf "CARIANG" (taro forest). A wild pig named female WAYUNGYANG the middle want to be imprisoned a man drinking water was art. Wayungyang pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby. Beautiful baby was brought to the palace by his father's given name and aliases DAYANG SUMBI RARASATI. Many of the king who meminangnya, but no one accepted. Finally, the king each other in the battle between each other. Dayang SUMBI any of the permitaannya own self-exile in the hill, accompanied by a male animal is a dog TUMANG. When are preoccupied weave, TOROPONG (piston) that is used to weave cloth fell down. Dayang SUMBI feel as lazy, without terlontar select the first speech, he promised that anyone passing the drop when the piston diversified male sex, will be her husband. The Tumang passing piston and given to Dayang SUMBI. SUMBI lady finally delivered the baby male given name SANGKURIANG.
When Sangkuriang hunting in the forest disuruhnya the Tumang to pursue sow Wayungyang. Because I do not, according to Tumang, and dibunuhnya. Exercise of the Tumang by Sangkuriang given to Dayang SUMBI, then cooked and dimakannya. After Dayang SUMBI know that the dimakannya is the heart of the Tumang, humans are necessarily culminate HEAD Sangkuriang beaten with own made from coconut shell that wounded.

Sangkuriang go rogue circumnavigate the world. After a long time to run towards the end but the EAST WEST again in the direction and without conscious has arrived back in place Dayang SUMBI, where his mother is. Sangkuriang not know that the beautiful daughter who is experiencing Dayang SUMBI - his mother. Terjalinlah story of love between two human being is. Dayang accidentally SUMBI Sangkuriang know that the Son is, with a wound in his head. However Sangkuriang force to remain menikahinya. SUMBI lady makes ask Sangkuriang boat and Talaga (lake) in the night time with the Citarum river dam. Sangkuriang company.
So dibuatlah boat from a tree that grows in the direction EAST, pole / tree that the main change into the mountain HILL stake. Rantingnya ditumpukkan in the Mountain West and mejadi BUZZ. With the support of the GURIANG, dam is almost completed. But Dayang SUMBI to plead Sang Hyang Tunggal that purpose Sangkuriang not materialized. SUMBI sliced lady disseminate BOEH RARANG (white tenunannya results), when the dawn of a fissure in the eastern horizon. Sangkuriang become angry, dipuncak humans, the dam is located in Sanghyang TIKORO dijebolnya, cork dilemparkannya Citarum river to the east and become the Mount MANGLAYANG. Talaga Bandung water retreated back into it. The boat is done with the strain ditendangnya to the north and changed into existence GUNUNG TANGKUBANPARAHU.
Sangkuriang continue to Dayang SUMBI a sudden disappeared in Dapitan and changed into the spray FLOWER JAKSI. The Sangkuriang until after at a place called American Samoa finally disappeared into faerie (Ngahiyang).
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