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How to Work Scanner Scanner And That Is?

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Scanner is an electronic tool that functions similar to a photocopy machine. Photocopy machines can be directly the result you see in the paper while the scanner results are displayed on the monitor screen a new computer before then can be changed and modified so that the display and a good result that can then be saved as a text file, documents and images. Shape and size of various scanners, which are the same size with the amount of foolscap there is also a life-size postcard, even the latest, shaped pen, which was launched by the new company WizCom Technologies Inc.. These pen-sized scanner can store up to 1,000 printed pages of text and then transfer to a personal computer (PC). Pen-sized scanner is called Quicklink. Pen scanner is six inches long and weighing about three oz. WizCom according to the scanner can do the job faster randomly from the scanner in the form of a flat.

Data that have been taken with a scanner that can be added directly to all computer applications that identify ASCII text.

At this time many outstanding scanners in the world with a variety of brand, including the scanner output from Canon, Hewlett Packard (HP), EPSON, UMAX and many more.

Differences in each scanner from various brand lies in the use of technology and resolution. The use of technology such as the use of digital buttons and lighting techniques.

How the Scanner:
When you press the mouse button to start a LOT, which occur are:

* Pressing the button moves the mouse from the computer controlling the engine speed scanners. The engine is located in the scanner to control the delivery process of scanning units.
* Then place the unit scanning process pengiiman to place or point directly to the appropriate start scanning.
* Beacon of light in the visible indicates that the activities Scanner scanning already begun.
* After the flame lighting is not there, it means that the scanning process has been completed and the results can be seen on the monitor screen.
When the results or display text / image you want to change, we can change this by using software applications that exist. For example, with photoshop, Adobe and others. pot scanned.

There are two different kinds of image scanners in check the color, namely:

* Scanner, which can only be a time to scan the color and keep color in all that time only.
* Scanner, which can be directly used three times to save some color. Colors are red, green and blue.

Scaner called the first faster than the second, but less good if used for color reproduction. Most scanners run on the 1-bits (binary digits / binary digit), 8-bit (256 colors), and 24 bit (more than 16 million colors). Now, when we need a very good result dianjurtkan use the scanner with a bit of that resolution and color more good.

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