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Smallpox disease Water

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Chickenpox infection is caused by Varisela zoster virus. The virus attacks the skin to form a wound (lesi), which contain liquids. Infection with this virus are usually about children aged 9 months to the top.
A child affected by the disease smallpox can easily transmit friends contemporary or their children can infect others even in adults who have not even been exposed to smallpox before.
Transmission of the disease Smallpox
Chickenpox disease can be transmitted through the following ways:
- Direct Contact
smallpox can be transmitted through direct contact with the injured people, or objects that people used, for example, a handkerchief, towels, clothes or used.

- Air
for example through coughing or sneezing people. In fact, napas the terhirup people who are in the can dekatnyapun make other people infected.

The occurrence of complications Prevent Infection
In children, chickenpox tend to be mild and people usually do not need to be treated in the hospital. So, enough outpatient. If the child's body resistance is high, then the disease can be cured within a period of approximately two weeks. Strive not to children infected with other bacteria disease, so that complications occur. Avoid anything from him that can make a pimple-bintilnya broken. If the nodule broken, the possibility of the occurrence of bacterial infection so large. If so, I should be given antibiotics, even sometimes need treatment in the hospital.
When at home there are families who have not yet had chickenpox, both adults and children, try not to make direct contact. The most effective and safe is to do with the chickenpox vaccination in the family who have not yet.

When Child Care Can Smallpox Water

1. Care should be done by people who have had chickenpox. Usually, people who have been exposed to chickenpox will be immune against the disease.
2. Children can be found, but not too close distance, so napasnya not terhirup.
3. Separate goods that use, such as clothes, towels, plates, glasses, a comb, or other equipment. Clean the equipment separately. Place the sufferer in separate beds, change bed sheets every day.
4. Maintain the quality and quantity of food so small. Give the high-calorie food and protein, also food source vitamins and minerals.
5. Adequate rest. Do not allow children to the outdoors while nodule chickenpox and still continue to arise.
6. Ask children not to scratch the itch pimple. Cut Kukunya, or pakaikan gloves to reduce due to scratching. Liquids in the nodule is contagious. In addition, if there is infection in the wound. Penyembuhannya will be more difficult, and left the former.
7. Oleskan itch drugs, such as calamine powder, to reduce the itch and accelerate the process of drying the wound.
8. Ask children a bath with antiseptic soap and change clothes every day.
9. Note the condition of children and body temperature every day. If necessary, people are given medicine for summer to ease fever.
10. Alert emergency conditions. Go to the doctor when the nodule (vesikel) infected with bacteria, such as red, swollen, pussy, or if the child high fever, headache, vomiting, itching or not lingering, when out in pimples are spread wide body and the children start significantly.

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