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Maintain cultural Javanese gamelan

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Gamelan music is not clear that foreign. Popularity has penetrated every continent and has raised a new blend of jazz music, gamelan, institutions as the birth rooms and study expression of gamelan music, to produce famous gamelan musicians. The gamelan music can now be enjoyed in various parts of the world, but the Yogyakarta is the perfect place to enjoy the game because in this city you can enjoy the original version

Gamelan developed in the Yogyakarta is a Javanese gamelan, a form of the game with a different Balinese gamelan music or gamelan Sudanese. Javanese gamelan have a softer tone and slow, with different Balinese Gamelan is smart and very Gamelan Sunda mendayu-dominated dayu voice and flute. Differences are reasonable, because Java has a view of life which are disclosed in a mesmerizing gamelan music.

The views expressed by the Javanese living in gamelan music is harmonious physical and spiritual life, in harmony speak and act so that the expression does not possess the burst and explode, creating tolerance among people. Exist in the real music is pulling ropes that are fiddle, a balanced blend of sounds kenong, saron entertainment and xylophone and gong sound on every cover pace.

There is no clarity about the history of the emergence of the game. The development of gamelan music is estimated that since the emergence kentongan, fiddle, hand to mouth, rubbing the thin rope or bamboo to dikenalnya music equipment from the metal. The development of the next named after the game, music is used to escort the presentation puppet, and dance. Then at some time after standing as the music itself and equipped with a voice of the sinden.

A game consists of several musical instruments, including a set of tools similar drum music called entertainment, fiddle and zither, xylophone, gong and the bamboo flute. The main components of preparing instruments gamelan music is bamboo, metal, and wood. Each tool has a function apart in the gamelan music, for example, close a gong role mesmerizing music for a long, and the balance after the previous music decorated by the pace gending.

You can see the game as a retired music and dance as a follower or performing arts, such as leather puppet and ketoprak. As a retired showman, gamelan music, usually combined with the voice of the singer Java (singer called wiraswara men and women singers called waranggana). Gamelan music that can be done now is a classic or contemporary gamelan. One of the game is contemporary jazz, gamelan, which is a composite blend of music and tone pentatonic diatonis.

One place in Yogyakarta, where you can see the performance of gamelan is the Kraton. On Thursday 10:00 - 12:00 WIB held gamelan music as a solitary. Saturday at the same time held gamelan music as a follower leather puppet, while on Sunday at the same time held gamelan music as a follower of traditional Javanese dance. To see it run, you can lean toward Sri Maganti. While the device to see the old game, you can lean toward the kingdom is more to the background.
the sound of gamelan

Script: Yunanto Wiji Utomo

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