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Digital Projector

Diposting oleh story my life On 12.06
Projector, often also called the LCD just by my friends. Actually I do not really agree with this term, because clearly this term does not refer to the tools of the "right". LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a technology commonly used in digital projector. Besides the LCD technology are the DLP (Digital Light Processing).

LCD projectors work based on the principles of light refraction, which is produced by the panel-panel LCD. This created a separate panel on basic colors, red, green and blue (RGB). So there are three LCD panels in a projector. Color images issued by the projector is the result of the refraction of the panel-panel LCD that has been in the same by a special prism. Images that have been in the same and is passed through the lens and in the "fall" on the screen so you can see the picture as a whole. Figure produced LCD projector has a color depth of the well because the resulting color LCD panel processing dibiaskan lenses directly to the screen. Besides the image on the LCD projector also more sharply compared with the results of the DLP projector images. The merit of the other LCD is the use of light that is more efficient that it can produce "Ansi lumens" which is higher than the projector with DLP technology. Meanwhile, the weakness of LCD technology is the most visible pixels in the image. This causes the LCD technology is less suited to play the movie because it feels like to see movies from the back of the eye to "film cataracts."

DLP projectors have a way of working is very different from the LCD. One difference is the DLP chip DLP (also called dmd - Digital Micro Device). In the DLP chip, there is the mirror-reflection of the micro-sized (of a) made of aluminum, and works for mematulkan light to memberntuk image. Mirror, mirror this move can deflect light to 5,000 times per second. There are also other differences in the way DLP color in the light through the light projector. Micro-mirror on the DLP chip does not have a specific color to color in pictures. So that the required color filters (a circle that contains the basic colors red, green and blue) that rotates with a certain rhythm and movement tersinkronisasi with micro mirror. Light that is not used in the final picture will be deflected out from the point of bias by the micro mirror. Hi-end projector that suppress 3 chip DLP in the instruments. Each chip to handle different primary colors. So have the prices that are usually expensive (around U.S. $ 10,000-an above). DLP technology superiority in the short space there is a light that is needed. This certainly affect the size of "body" projector. In addition, contrast, color produced DLP projector with very good quality black color better. Pixel visible in the image produced by the LCD projector can also be minimized by DLP technology. Meanwhile, DLP, there are weaknesses in the color circle that is one component of importance. In some cases, this can be the color circle resulted "rainbow effect". Namely the emergence of foreign color outside the 3 primary colors, which are due to errors turnaround circle color

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