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Tourism Islam Karimun Java Jepara

Diposting oleh story my life On 19.15
Huy ... my life story that tourism in the city Kartini Japanese dialogue and this is also a place where I bersinggah for 2 years. Indeed, the city's Japanese dialogue mengasyikan the city. This bustling city was quiet and not foreign tourists and domestic tourists. Jepara is also known as a city because of the carving Grabouw this many industi carving that has been known to foreign countries. The quality is remarkably good. Every day mengkirim capable of 10 to 15 containers. During me, but a scar? the first time I still stop in Jepara I always Although the container in front .. I my house

I make it my criticism concerning tourism dive in the Japanese dialogue is precisely the Japanese dialogue across the city but still the region, namely the Japanese dialogue name Karimun Java. Karimun Java is located in the northern Japanese dialogue, and if we want to Karimun Java must first cross the sea. Regina - think of the Japanese dialogue, if only 1 / 2 hours it. Usually tourists - tourists crossing from the coast as a sign that the place mangklnya ship - a ship to Karimun Java.

Karimun Java Heaven place other than the world because there have white sand beaches along the beautiful people, the people san friendly - friendly, and that is not less important tourist dive up the mengasikan. Certainly not disappointed with it kesana.Apalagi Similarly, if there is support nyelam Visibility distance of the view that reached 20 km and the type of fish that are more nearly 30 types of fish there. I'll conduct a beautiful coral reef that is still good about - about 80% strength.

surely it will not be disappointed ... I believe it's ?????

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2 Response to 'Tourism Islam Karimun Java Jepara'

  1. Zippy Said,

    Wah, keren tuh kayak'x,,,,
    Jadi pengen kesana...
    But, jauh banget nih...
    Berat di ongkos deh, hehehe... :D


  2. arx_g1 Said,

    Hemmmm...... ASIK juga tuch
    salam kenal dari

    Dukung juga aku di


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