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How to Use Gooogle Translate

Diposting oleh story my life On 14.46
At the time we again ngenet on waktuitu there are articles that use the English language and the fact we have not advanced the English language. It is very easy to handle the problem. We use a program google google translate the output from the Further easing we going to menstranslate language that not only example we know we do not know the language spayol and we want to perceive it to english it can also search with google translate. Google can translate menstransletkan language - the language in dunia.Google transalte also menstranslate a web page that you do not know the language to the language in which we ketauhui.Itulah kelebiahan google translate
This time we will find out how to use google translate ...

translate text :

1. kita pergi saja ke situs atau langsung saja klik disini

2. If we translate the text we want to copy / write text into the box underneath if it is completed

3. Then box underneath there is language - the language

4. if we want to change the example we will mentranslate from english to english

5. click the small arrow facing down and looking indonesian language

6. and click on the arrow facing down, which is the second disampingnya

7. and click on the paper translate that right there beside

8. completed the results will appear beside the box that we had to write

translate the web page:

1. kita pergi ke atau langsung klik disini

2. search words - words transalte a web page

3. Writing under the box and then we write the web address that we will translate it in the box

4. such steps - the steps above to change the language that we want you

5. and click on the paper translate

plant ......... I finished my first ngetik tired of me .....

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