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Internet With Mobile Modem

Diposting oleh story my life On 17.31
Actually, if the Internet was easy to use mobile phone modem. This is true for people trapped again. If most people use this method to open email or yahoo messenger program. I think the way to this less comfortable with it. . . Because kuarang good ja.
The following are the settings:

1. Tools needed:

a. a mobile phone that support GPRS and can connect with GPRS
b. telephone cards or SIM cards
c. a device to connect mobile phones to a PC can use the data cable, bluetooth, or Irda. Similarly, drivers who have installed the necessary I can tell - from ziphone shipment to the PC.
d. Plug the mobile phone is a GPRS connection denagn data cable to your computer's USB driver if there would have been if not, are installed manually.

2. Modem settings:

Start>>>> Control panel>>>> Phone and Modem options>>>> will appear the list of modems that are with portnya I can port2, port7. If there are already means that if bulum check the data cable or the setting is not complete.


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3 Response to 'Internet With Mobile Modem'

  1. wadowhh main main English sekarang yo :d heheh nice tips


  2. daftar adsense pilih bhs nya inggris kalo indonesia dia memang gak mau, isi datanya sesuai data sebenernya karena pin akan di kirimkan ke alamat nyata bukan ke email.

    kalo content bhs inggris gini keknya mudah lah, untuk mendongkrak alexa nya coba join di


  3. yo pada coment,,,coment gratis ja


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