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How does Google AdSense We Paying?

Diposting oleh story my life On 07.47
well, if not the embaca sure what google give, let's read this section first, where we will read the truth of that provided by Google Adsense.

Google actually has a variety of services, there's Google Pages, Google Blogger, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Google Search, Google Webmaster, Da various other services.

However, related to this article is Google Adsense. Google AdSense and not apart from the fact that Google AdWords. Google AdWords is a program where Advertisers can advertise their products or services in special work with Google.
The Advertisers will get special treatment, such as with a few lines in the tampilkann site diskripsi Advertisers are placed in a google search on the right side, and placed on a website in which Adsense ads are code. Of course, the ads will appear with the same type keyword with the site concerned.

Advertisers will pay Google formula method Cost per Click, which is the method in which Google will pay the appropriate number of clicks received by the ad. But Google is not possible to install only the ad in their sites. Therefore, created in Adsense. Creation exact launch date with Google AdWords.

Adsense is the next stage, where Google ads can be laying the Advertisers in their sites that contain Adsense code. Adsense ads when someone clicks on by another visitor, then the percentage of the amount of money in the spend by Advertisers to Google to display ads that relate shared with the owner of the site.

As a simple example, if a Google advertisers pay the price to $ 1.oo one click, the publisher will get a percentage of the average amount is $ 1.oo. Percentages are usually used to pay for publiser, the lowest is 40% and the average - average 50%.

One dollar is too small? Yes indeed too small. But imagine if your site visitors a publisher at least 200 people at any one sunday, then the publisher will not get around 5-10 dollars each sunday. And if a visitor in 1000 at least one person every sunday then 10 times 1000 = 10,000 dollars. So the publisher can earn money and achieve more or less as much as 10,000 dollars in one sunday.

Why do I say more or less? because not all visitors will click on our ads. Dollar will continue to rotate and have a lot of people feel the dollars from this AdSense.

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