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Term - term basis adsense

Diposting oleh story my life On 19.08
Before we step further, how a good idea to read the sub-section nerikut. This sub-section contains tentangt term - term basis that is used by adsense


Publisher is the person or the owner of the site that has been joined and adsense ads on their sites.

Ad Units

Ad Units is adsense ad itself. Ads Unit consists of several sizes. The most common is the type of ad text

Link Units

Link Units are similar to the Ad Units only format m, irip with the format of the menu we encountered many on the site - a web site.

Adsense for Content

Adsense for Content ads adsense is installed on a page. Ads - ads will be related to the contents page. Including the Adsense For Content are links Units and Ad units

Alternate Ads

Yesterday alternaif that if the content for adsense ads running out of stock so this could be a alternative


Channels is a label that can be given to the Ad Units, Link Units, Adsense for search, and referrals.

Page impressions

Page impressions is the number that indicates how many times a page that contains the Ad units opened by visitors


Clicks is the number of clicks on the Ad Units owned publisher.


CTR percent in the comparison is between the number of clicks received regular ad Units with the number of display units in the Ad.

CPC (Cost Per Click)

CPC is the amount of money that will be received when publishers click on Ad Units

eCPM (Effctive CDPM)

eCPM is the result of the division between the number of publishers with the number of page impressions (per 1,000) that he got from the ad

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