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Djarum Black Eliminate Pain I am tired

Diposting oleh story my life On 16.48
Earlier morning I leave for school with the new motor I. In fact I already intend not go to school, because in my mind just lazy olahrgaga. Indeed, the schedule that I have schedule sports, Religion, B.inggris, and Mathematics.

School bell ring and I have been and friend - friend immediately switch room. When you're finished changing my clothes and line up directly gathered to listen to the material from my teachers. Eve is hot sting kulitku., I sweat and my mind say it is emotional.

Materials sport that day is running. And directly with my friends running around the playing field as much as 9 times lap. Huh. . . aja rasanya akan fainting, feet are tired, weary body, and it seems very weak. After the lesson was over sports. Then me and friend - friend change clothes seragam.Bel lessons after the first had, and my friend - the friend directly in space. It's just I want to go home to rest, drink - drink the fresh and does not forget to suck that cigarette Djarum BLACK accident yesterday say like a wrap.

In his religious lessons I only sleep - back and imagine easy way to do smth suck Djarum BLACK roko. Religious studies and has completed. And flow toward space b. In the UK heart I can only say "pilang quickly." B. in the lesson English tidakan I was just like the subjects of religion.

Bel lessons binggris any sounds. B. That subjects marked English has been completed. I feel happy even though I tired and want to quickly - quickly suck cigarettes Djarum BLACK. Now say berbegas flow to the space maematika. I have felt very tired and did not realize I fall asleep. I hear teachers say call me. wake up and say no, I was ordered to advance in the problem on the blackboard. I'm confused and can not afford to do the problem because the body is tired I can not afford to think.

Bel mathematics lessons are completed. I am happy to say and make the motor take parkiran unuk me. I go directly to the small shop near my school. I order the young coconut ice and I take that cigarette Djarum BLACK I imagine, from earlier. And finally, my body feels tired even lost because of Djarum BLACK hisap me and that is the short story "Djarum BLACK LETIHKU Dismiss."

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