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Meet With A Book Creator

Diposting oleh story my life On 16.53
18:30 at night after maghrib prayer directly toward me in the cafe around kaliwangan Blora cafe is the name of M2M. Once there, I wait until a friend earlier in the afternoon the day sms my mobile phone and we make a pact. Not long to wait my friend came with the motor mio sorenya and earlier because I have to bring bilangin Djarum BLACK SLIMZ one packet. In fact he was right - right to bring roko Djarum BLACK SLIMZ even bring him again Djarum Black.

Pikirku inopportune time, as appropriate at the time my friend came all the computers are full of people charged. And I decided to relax on the back first, because there is a place behind the hot spotnya and have associated the cafe was already familiar with me so I do not hesitate - hesitate. I see - see the play again with the same laptonya bring a good-good. And there, among which an article is being typed, and I said to the man he named Bambang Tri (fictitious name).

In fact after I asked for what the article is in buat.Dan he said to make a book titled ADAM 31 METER. That is the first time I spoke to the embuat book. After that I talk - chatting with her I did not forget smoking Djarum Black slimz a friend brought me tadi.CUkup long I talked with him about 1 hour more, because I asyikberbincang - chatting with me to be sure to play my goals before the internet .

I borrowed the book in a direct and I read a little book. Setewlah I read books that encourage me to give him advice. And to advise me that the language of the written agara Diperjelas. Because not all people surely understand the language. And that may be useful ungkapkan me to the creator of the book that is the story itu.And I met with the Creator BOOK.

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