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Djarum Black Takes Love

Diposting oleh story my life On 16.57
When my stomach is gnawing it, because I have not been eating all day. And besides my tender stomach, mouth, it's also not known, because one day I do not smoke. I tegaskan habitue that I was smoking cigarettes and that I like most is Djarum BLACK.

At that time around - about 5 hours of my afternoon is weak and not once with the concentration pelajaraan multimedia teacher I was given. But I imagine even more concentration after the bell ring my home school. And finally, when - when you are also coming tet. . . tet. . . home school bell ring already. My face and very bersemengat hurry - a hurry to parkiran motor and I just direct tancap gas quickly because I was not resistant to smoking Djarum BLACK which I like.

So I finally called in the stalls of my area is "Angkringan" Angkringan that the owners named John (fictitious name). He is a drink that I know very well the message will then direct dibuatkannya warm ginger tea, it is because I drink kesukaaan. And I also do not tingal silent. With skillful hands me a cigarette I megambil like Djarum BLACK namely that John has been provided. John coincidence because consumers are also flat - flat like Djarum BLACK. However, in the stalls there are also many different kinds of cigarettes. There CAPUCINO Djarum BLACK, BLACK Tea Djarum, Djarum Super, Djarum BLACK, BLACK SLIMZ Djarum, Djarum BLACK SLIMZNATION, etc.. I only choose the cigarettes that I like sagat Djarum BLACK.
I have half a bar suck that cigarette Djarum BLACK. Arrive - arrival came two women in black motor mio. Wuih. . . This beautiful girl right - girl. In my heart want to come with it. And finally I take the liberty to come with them. In fact his name Ane (fictitious name) and which one is Lidia (fictitious name). I actually prefer the si Ane because he was more beautiful than that one. I debate with them the akrab.Saya still smoking Djarum BLACK with a very enjoying. Apparently not aware of Ane see me hold a cigarette and he said I love my BLACK.Dan cigarette Djarum Djarum BLACK because it has a fragrance and taste like the typical cappuccino. Talks to me any problems menjurus Djarum BLACK. Does not feel adzan maghrib and I've heard make me go home but do not forget to ask the mobile phone number Ane and I asked him if I could maen to be not in the house. And he said may, I feel very happy.

Two weeks I have been close to it. Then I take the liberty to express inikepada Ane fill my heart with the pack - pack of Djarum BLACK not already have the content I like the form of a heart and I gave him. In fact he was very pleased with this pemberianku and he was already in love with since the first time to meet with. Finally, we also invented it also sat on. Since that time the more I like the cigarette Djarum BLACK. Because Djarum BLACK Cintaku make the unique history and mengesankan.Karena Djarum BLACK Takes CINTA for. That is the short story with pengalamanku Djarum BLACK.

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