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5 tips camcoder

Diposting oleh story my life On 09.30

This time I open the movie or write a record corner of the image but tips Camcorder .Using a camcorder, it's easy-so easy. Easy because there are features that make it automatic, so users get to stay so.

To rely on the camcorder features automatic, have the following 5 tips that you can not do to avoid the image that is not perfect. Camcorders tips like this:

1. Do not use the digital zoom
Indeed camcorder as a camera. That is equipped with optical zoom and digital zoom. Better approach to the running direction of the object.

2. Do not scrimp Battery
Prepare the Battery Backup. Minimal charger and take it wherever you use your camcorder.

3. Do not take pictures in the dark.
What you see in the eyes, with different views through the lens camcorder Camcorders. In the dark room, with a 60 watt lamp, camcorder is difficult to record the image. If you need to use a tripod.

4. Do not use the special effect.
Special effects offered in the camcorder (from Sepia to slow motion), even though the results make fun, but in the editing will take a greater control and variatif. Make sure the special effects after you install the software on your computer.

5. Do not ignore imagination
In taking a picture, just do the breasts you want to take the picture.

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