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Record Movement, Do not Make Movement

Diposting oleh story my life On 09.02

Record Movement, Do not Make Movement is my title article about corner of the image and way of record film. Example make a family film, of course, not only the technology business. There are many factors that determine how good a film family. Some of them are the way we use a camcorder and the way we record the events.

Here are a few tips that may be useful.
Record movement, do not make a movement.
Use camcorder that easily visible. Such easy-to until the user is often over what to record. Camcorder in the movement to the left to right (panning) with no clear purpose other than that all people want to record in the video. Or, press the zoom button reciprocate so that the subject quickly changed composition.

Movements such as the above will make the audience dizzy your video soon. Every movement of the camera must have a purpose and connection with the subject of your video. If you want to do panning, specify in advance the purpose and message that will be up through the movement. Define also the starting point and end point of movement. Do the fine. Movement of this kind will be very useful when the camera follows the movement of the ball, for example.

While zooming should not be done frequently. Do zooming with the goal of providing a different view point to the audience. Perform zoom in and out in sequence and time and time again for the same subject is considered a sin by the videografer.

Do not be haughty, jongkoklah.
You may never watch a movie a child's birthday, but the image that appears in the film is even only crown the kid-kid. This can happen because the videografer take one corner of the image.

When recording images of children, you should not stand. Record the level of children. In the event the party or meetings angle images taken from the higher-up from the table or balcony, will give a good view point.

Of course, do not be afraid to change the angle shot. Quite often change the angle pengembilan image will give a different view point to the audience.

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