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Brush Photoshop Garuda Pancasila

Diposting oleh story my life On 15.31
The following is a brush with the Photoshop image of Garuda Pancasila. I make this brush and sebarluaskan in commemoration of Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17 in the future.

I make this brush with three sizes. The size of large, medium and small spread. About the use of course you can.

Here is an example of the brush:

Brush Photoshop Garuda Pancasila

Let us memorial semarakkan independence day with full enthusiasm.

File size: 349 KB (zip). Can be used in Photoshop version 7.0 to Cs3.

Please download (download) brush with this free at:




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1 Response to 'Brush Photoshop Garuda Pancasila'

  1. Pezeck Said,

    thank for brush

    i like it


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