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What is CSS?

Diposting oleh story my life On 13.20
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet from a dokument is used to design or set the display layout of a web page, CSS are embeded in the HTML tag that means stick or cling to the HTML tags. For example, such as embeded below

Introduction .
With CSS, we can control / manage the entire display web pages with only a dokument CSS, biasan extension to file is the CSS. Css (dot css).
In addition, the CSS can also replace the function of the table and can minimize the size of HTML files. Imagine if you make a box with tables and CSS far more efficient, for example, you create a table with one column and one line:

Dengan Tabel :

Content Box

Dengan CSS :

Content Box

In its development, CSS have been lelvel 3 for now, which starts CSS level 1, or that often in just a CSS, and level 2 which is an improvement of the CSS from the previous level, the CSS level 1.
CSS is an alternative programming language web future, which has many advantages, including:
- File size smaller
- Load the files more quickly
- Able to collaborate with JavaScript
- Parties loyal XHTML
- Saving jobs, of course, which only make a 1-page CSS.
- Easy to change the view by changing only the CSS file it alone.
- And many others.

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