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Definition Multimedia

Diposting oleh story my life On 13.19
MULTI [Latin Nouns]: many; various
Medium [Latin]: something that used to
or to convey something
Medium [American Heritage Electronic
Dictionary, 1991]: tools to distribute and
present information

Multimedia can be defined as the use of multiple media
different to combine and convey information in the form of
text, audio, graphics, animation, and video.

Some definitions, according to some experts:
1. The combination of computer and video (Rosch, 1996)
2. The combination of three elements: voice, images, and text (McComick,
3. The combination of at least two media input or output. This media
can be audio (voice, music), animation, video, text, graphics and
image (Turban and friends, 2002)
4. Tools that can create a dynamic presentation and interactive
that combine text, graphics, animation, audio and video (Robin
and Linda, 2001)
5. In the context of a multimedia computer, according to Hofstetter 2001 are:
the use of computers to create and combine text,
graphics, audio, video, using a tool that allows
users interact, to create, and communicate.
Meanwhile, according to
Multimedia is the use of several different media to Convey information (text,
audio, graphics, animation, video, it and). Multimedia also refers to computer data storage devices, especially those used to store

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