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History of the Internet

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A. Internet
1.Pengertian Internet
The Internet can be interpreted as a network computer and large area of the globe, namely
connect the user's computer from one country to another across the world,
in which there are various information resources from the static
to a dynamic and interactive.
2. History of the Internet
The following historical emergence and development of the Internet.
Internet history began in 1969 when the United States Department of Defense, U.S.
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) decided to
make a research on how to connect a number of computer
establish a network so organically. This research program known by the name
ARPANET. In 1970, already more than 10 computers which successfully linked a
another so that they can communicate each other and form a network.
In 1972, Roy Tomlinson successfully completed the e-mail program that he created
a year ago for the ARPANET. E-mail program is so easy, so direct
become popular. In the same year, the icon, is also introduced as a symbol
shows that important "at" or "on". In 1973, ARPANET computer network
began to be developed outside the United States. Computer University College in London
is the first computer that is outside the United States who are members of the network
Arpanet. In the same year, two computer experts, namely Vinton Cerf and Bob
Kahn introduces an idea that larger, the embryo
thoughts of the Internet. The idea is presented for the first time at the University of Sussex.

Today is historic, the next date of 26 March 1976, when the Queen's English success
send e-mail from the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment at Malvern. Year
then, already more than 100 computers that join in forming ARPANET
a network or the network. In 1979, Tom Truscott, Jim Ellis and Steve Bellovin,
create newsgroups first given name of USENET. 1981 France
Telecom create a blow with the launch the first phone television, where
people can call each other while dealing with a video link.
Because the computer that form a network of more days, more and more, then
needed a formal protocol that is recognized by all networks. In 1982
established Transmission Control Protocol, or TCP and IP, or Internet Protocol, which we
know all. Meanwhile in Europe appear counter computer network known
with Eunet, which provides computer network services in the countries the Netherlands,
British, Danish and Swedish. Eunet network to provide e-mail and newsgroups
To address the uniform computer network that exists, then in 1984
introduced the domain name system, which we now know with DNS, or Domain
Name System. Computers that are connected with the existing network already exceeds
More than 1,000 computers. In 1987 the number of computers connected to the network
jumped 10-fold manjadi 10,000 more.
In 1988, Jarko Oikarinen of Finland and find all
IRC or Internet Relay Chat. A year later, the number of computers each other
related jumped back in the fold, 10 times a year. No less than 100,000
now establish a computer network. 1990 is the year's most
historic, when Tim Berners Lee, find the program editor and a browser that can
roams between one computer to another computer, which formed
the network. The program is called www, or Worl Wide Web.
In 1992, the computer that is connected to the network is established beyond
a computer, and in the same year term appears to surf the Internet. Year
1994, the Internet site has grown into page address 3000, and for the first
time virtual-shopping or e-retail appear on the internet. Directly changed the world. In
the same year Yahoo! established, which is also at the same time the birth of Netscape Navigator
3. Internet Benefits
In general, there are many benefits that can be obtained when someone has
access to the Internet. Here's some of what is available on the internet: 1. Information
to the personal lives: health, recreation, hobbies, personal development, spiritual,
social. 2. Information for professional life / work: science, technology, trade,
stock, commodities, the news business, professional associations, business associations, various forums
One of the most interesting is the membership of the Internet does not recognize state boundaries,
race, economic class, ideology or other factors, factors that usually can hamper
the exchange of ideas. Internet is a world community that is very
democratic and has a code of ethics that respected all members. Benefits
Internet mainly obtained through cooperation between private or group without
recognize the limit of distance and time.
To further improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia, it's time
Indonesia utilize the professional network and the Internet to become part of the
the world's information.
B. Web Site or Site
1.Pengertian Web Site or Site
Site can be interpreted as a collection of pages that are used to
display information, motion, sound, or a combination of all
both the static and dynamic form of a series of buildings
the other, where each associated with the links.
2. Elements-Elements Web Site or Site
To build the site required some elements that must exist so that the site can
running well and in accordance with the expected. Elements that must exist in the
sites include:
a. Domain Name Domain name or called a domain name address is
permanent site in the world used the Internet to identify a site
or, in other words, the domain name address is used to find
sites in the world's Internet. The general term used is the URL. Example of a
The URL is also without www --
There are many kinds of domain names that we can select the appropriate desire.
Here are a few domain names that are frequently used and available on the internet at:
1. Generic domains (gTLDs)
Is a domain name that were
with. Com. Net. Org. Edu. or Mil. Gov. Type the domain is often also called the top
level domain and the domain is not affiliated based on the country, so that anyone
can register.
Ø.com: a top-level domain intended for "commercial".
Ø.edu: a domain that is intended for the education needs of the world
Ø.gov: a domain for government (government)
Ø.mil: a domain for the needs of armed forces (Military)
Ø.org: domain for organizations or non-profit (Organization).
2. Country-Specific Domains (ccTLDs)
That is the domain associated with the two-letter extension, and also often called the second
level domains, like. id (Indonesia). au (Australia). jp (Japan) and others. This domain
and operated in the list to enter the country. In Indonesia, the domain of this domain
end., and at the end of this end-plus, and The use of each of the ending
vary depending on the user and pengunaannya, among others:
Ø For Business Agency, which has a legitimate body of law
Ø To the Board of Education
Ø Special to Institution Government of the Republic of Indonesia
Ø Special to Institution Military of the Republic of Indonesia
Ø For all kinds of organizations yand not included in the category
"," "", "", "" and other
Ø to stall the Internet industry in Indonesia
Ø special education institutions for the education
such as elementary, junior and senior high school or
Ø intended for the agency business, organization or individuals that
conduct their activities in the Worl Wide Web.
The domain name of each site in the world are not the same, so do not
one site will be found that the name be confused or be confused page site.
To obtain the domain name leasing done, usually in the short term
certain (annual).
b. Hosting
Hosting can be defined as a room in the hard disk space
store data, files, images and others that will be shown
at the site. The amount of data that can be inserted depending on the size of hosting the
rented / owned, the greater the hosting of the data that can
entered and displayed in the site.
Hosting also obtained with the rent. The amount is determined hosting space
hard disk with the size of MB (Mega Byte) or GB (Giga Bytes). Lama rental hosting
average per year. Laundry is done from the hosting companies
tenant web hosting that many found both in Indonesia and overseas.
c. Scripts / Language Program
Is the language used to translate each of the sites in the
when accessed. Determine the types of scripts are very static, dynamic or interactive
a site. The more motley scripts used the site will be visible
more dynamic, interactive and good looks. Good site can be seen
with the response of visitors and the frequency of visits.
Various scripts are already present to support the quality of the site. Type of scripts
that many of the designers used, among other HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, Java Scripts,
Java applets, etc.. The basic language used each site is HTML, while ASP
and the other is supporting the regulator to act as a dynamic,
and interactive sites.
Scripts ASP, PHP, JSP or the other can be their own, can also be purchased from vendors
scripts that are usually outside the country. Scripts price average is very expensive because
create difficulties, usually reach tens of millions. Scripts are usually used
to build a portal for news, articles, discussion forums, guest books, members of the organization,
email, mailing list and others that require updates each time. Special
Veil Online using language ASP (Active Server Pages).
d. Web Design
After leasing the domain and hosting and control of the scripts, elements
the most important sites and is the main design. Web design determines
the quality and beauty of the site. Design is very influential to the assessment of visitors
will not, a good web site.
To create a site usually can be done to rent or own web services
designer. Currently, there are so many services, web designers, especially in large cities. Need
known that the quality of the site is determined by the quality of designers. More
control of many web designers about various programs / software support
making the site will produce more high quality sites, and also
vice versa. Services web designers is that generally require the highest cost of
the entire cost of construction sites and all tergantu ng quality designers.
e. Publication
The existence of the site is not useful built without a known or visited by
Internet community or visitors. Because the site is effective or not depends on
the size of the visitors who enter and comments. To introduce the site to
people need what is called the publication or promotion.
Publications sites in the community can be done with various ways such as the
pamlet-pamlet, leaflets, and others baliho but how this can be said to be
less effective and very limited. ways that are usually done and the most effective
not limited by space or time is the publication on the Internet directly through
search-engine search engine (search engine, ie Yahoo, Google, Search Indonesia,
How publication in the search engines are free and some pay. That
free limited and usually long enough to get in and identified in the search engines
such as Yahoo or Google. How effective is the publication with pay,
although the issue will be a little faster, but the site into a search engine
and known by the visitors.
3. Maintenance Web Site or Site
To support the continuation of site maintenance is required each time according to
such as the addition of the desired information, news, articles, links, images or other
so forth. Without good maintenance of the site will be impressed or boring
monoton will also soon be visitors.
Maintenance of the site can be done as per a certain period each day, every week
or every month or once routinely periodically depending on the needs are (not
routine). Routine maintenance is usually used by news sites, the provider of the article,
organizations or government agencies. Meanwhile, periodic maintenance to be
personal sites, sales / e-commerce, and others.

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