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How to Begin Graphic Design

Diposting oleh story my life On 20.20
How to start learning Graphic Design? It is a question that is very
desiner fundamental for a beginner ..
Definition of Graphic Design: is a form of painting (picture), which provides vocational
freedom to the designer (the designer) to choose, create, manage or
elements such as the shapes of illustration, photo, writing, and the line above the surface with a purpose
to be produced and communicated as a message. Figure and sign the
can be used typography or other media such as images or graphics fotografi.Desain
generally applied in the world of advertising, packaging, film, and others.
There are some leaders expressed opinions about the graphic design that I take from the site
According to Suyanto graphic design is defined as "the application of skills, arts and
communication to the needs of business and industry. "application, the application can include advertising
and selling products, creating a visual identity for the institution, products and companies, and
environmental graphics, design, information and refine the visual messages in the publication.
Meanwhile, Jessica Helfand in the site defining graphic design
as a complex combination of words and images, figures and graphs, photographs and
illustration, which requires a special mindset of an individual who can combine
eleman these elements, so that they can produce something special, very useful,
surprising or subversive or something easy to remember.
According to Danton Sihombing graphic design employs various elements such as markings,
symbol, a verbal description divisualisasikan through typography and images with good technique
photography or illustration. Elements applied in the two functions, as
visual devices and communication devices.

According to Michael Kroeger visual communication (visual communication) is the theory and practice
concepts through visual terms by using colors, shapes, lines and
juxtaposition (juxtaposition).
Warren Suyanto that sure in graphic design as a translation of ideas and places to
in order that some type of structural and visual.
While Blanchard defines graphic design as a communicative art that
related industry, art and the process in a visual picture on the generate all
Category Graphic Design
In outline, in graphic design divided into several categories:
1. Printing (Printing), which contains the design books, magazines, posters, booklets, leaflets, flyers,
pamphlets, advertising, and other similar publications.
2. Web Design: design for the web page.
3. Movies, including CD, DVD, CD multimedia for the campaign.
4. Identification (Logo), EGD (Environmental Graphic Design) is a design professional
which includes graphic design, architecture, design, industrial design, architecture and gardens.
5. Product design, Pemaketan and the like.
Because of the graphic design is divided into several categories, the means to cultivate it
vary, depending on the needs and goals of making paper.
1. Applications Processors Layout (layout)
This program is often used for the purposes of making brochures, pamphlets, booklets, posters,
and other similar. This program is able to manage the placement of text and image
taken from other programs (such as Adobe Photoshop). Included in this group
- Adobe FrameMaker
- Adobe In Design
- Adobe Pagemaker
- Corel Ventura
- Microsoft Publisher
- Quark Xpress
2. Applications Processors Vector / Line
Programs included in this group can be used to create the image
in the form of vectors / line so often referred to as the Illustrator program. Throughout
objects that produced the form of some combination of lines, either straight or form
arch. Applications included in this group are:
- Adobe Illustrator
- Beneba canvas
- CorelDraw
- Macromedia Freehand
- Metacreations Express
- Micrografx Designer
3. Application processing pixels / Picture
Programs included in this group can be used to prepare
image / photo manipulation (photo retouching). Pseudo object that is processed in the
program, the program was considered as a combination of several dots / pixels that have
certain density and color, for example, images. Picture the image formed from several
collection of pixels that have a certain density and color. Nevertheless, the program
included in this group can also prepare the text and line, but
dianggapa as a collection of pixels. Objects are imported from processing program
Vector / line, after processed by the program processing pixel / point will be automatically
converted into pixel / point.
Included in this application is:
- Adobe Photoshop
- Corel Photo Paint
- Macromedia Xres
- Metacreations Painter
- Metacreations Live Picture
- Micrografx Picture Publisher
- Microsoft Photo Editor
- Wright Image
4. Applications Processors Film / Video
Programs included in this group can be used to develop film
in various formats. Giving the title text (such as karaoke, text translation, etc.)
can also be processed using this program. Generally, the special effects (special
effect) as the sound of explosion, desingan bullet, waves, and others can also be made
using this application. Included in this category are:
- Adobe After Effects
- Power Director
- Show Biz DVD
- Ulead Video Studio
- Element Premier
- Easy Media Creator
- Pinnacle Studio Plus
- WinDVD Creator
- Nero Ultra Edition
5. Multimedia Applications Processors
Programs included in this group are usually used to create a
Multimedia works in the form of promotion, company profiles, and the like
and packed in the form of CD or DVD. These can include multimedia film / movie,
animation, text, images, sound and the dirancan such a way so that the message
interktif and delivered more attractive.
Included in this group are:
- Macromedia
- Macromedia Authorware
- Macromedia Director
- Macromedia Flash
- Multimedia Builder
- Ezedia
- Hyper Studio
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- Macromedia Director
- Macromedia Flash
- Multimedia Builder
- Ezedia
- Hyper Studio
- Ovation Studio Pro.

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