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Animation Film Making Process

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See the animated movie ever cool? A Final Fantasy or Spririted Away. But baseball never show how the production process? Wih, full debate, begadang, and closed with "entering the hospital."
Imagine, we are one of the people who work in the production of an animated movie. We go to the nearest cinema to see the result of hard work. After the screen cinemas closed, signs have been completed film, we hear negative comments from one of the spectators. That very long sebalnya. Begadang overnight-night movie to the on-time, appear in front of the spectators, one recent futile.
Try to think of reasons meeting of the Miyazaki-san and the staff at the Ghibli studio to discuss only one scene.
In a room filled with books, about five to six people gather. Miyazaki-san was the supervising animator for the meeting. "So when the fall, he will hold in the cabinet, such as spot, and the time it fell, BAM! Like snakes fall so!" The animator only men and women. Miyazaki add descriptions, "Cook has not seen a snake fall from the tree," here. "That certainly is not in Tokyo, Pak," celetuk one person. The room was full of laughter became.

Developing stories
Meeting the only one of hundreds of meetings in order to transfer the storyboard animation that actually. The activities are day-to-day activities are not special. In the process of film animation, there are three stages, namely planning, realization, and finishing touches.
In the process of planning, usually made to begin the story ideas and storyboard or e-konte. Story ideas expressed in the form of a synopsis. Usually tens to hundreds of preproduction painting produced to explore the possibility of the story. Preproduction painting is the beginning of the story visualization. Preproduction painting in the United States made a team containing five to ten people. In the world of Japanese anime sometimes preproduction done some painting.
Unlike with animation studios in the United States, where eight to ten people were invited to become a storyboard artist, usually in Japan there is only one person who became storyboard artist. He usually always synonym with the director. Usually when designers start this character is given the task. Very rarely are there movies like Lilo and Stitch in the United States. In the movie script writer, storyboard artist, and is concurrently sutradaranya two people, Chris Sandres and Dean Deblois.
Stories in the world of animation United States is always changing. Quoted from the Head Storyboard Artist for Mulan, Chris Sanders, "Maybe we think to make the romantic comedy starring as Tootsie. After many times we try, there is no success, until I finally sorts itself. In the end we try to make as accurate as possible with His characters Cinanya version legend, which is made starring as a girls berabdi because other ways are not successful. I am relieved of the change. "
Some of the characters after the story repeatedly edited to be removed. For example, for the movie Pocahontas, there should be named the Red Feather turkeys, but not significantly so it is not used. When I did not change. "I was designing a model of five 'Mulan' to Mulan", said Chen Yi Chang, the character designer of the film. "This is not so directly, but slowly in accordance with changes in the story."
The importance of "storyboard"
Usually in the United States and Japan there is a session called a story meeting where the storyboard artist gather and discuss a story. From these meetings will be decided the most appropriate scene. Not infrequently there is great debate in situ.
Storyboard generally still in the phase that is very rough. Not infrequently in a panel storyboard, the picture is made somewhat original-asalan. Storyboard to film animation is generally seen as a comic. The difference with the comics, there is still in the storyboard notes in a small picture about either repaired or to be considered. Not infrequently, especially in the world of animation United States, the panel by the panel storyboard a movie set from the tip of one building to the other end. Until 1984, Disney studios still do this. Some animation studios to take a more practical way, that is a storyboard-storyboard for the production helve team.
To test the effectiveness of a storyboard, usually held screening Leica Reel. Leica Reel is a collection of storyboard recorded by the camera. That looks good on paper, not necessarily good at the cinema screen. That is the reason for establishment Leica Reel.
After The storyboard and agreed, the layout and animation process begins. Blueprint is the layout of the composition of a scene. There are two types of layout, the tonal and linear. Tonal layout for the region and shadow of a ray scene. Meanwhile, the linear layout created to describe the details of a scene. Usually after the layout is given and approved, the department will take over background and produce a version berwarnanya. Not many computers rarely have a role in this process. Although still colored by hand, Tom Cardone-member team of film production, animation Hercules computer recognizes the significant role. "If the first, a background repairs could take two days. Now, the 45 minutes it."
Need more people
In the process of animation, the people involved are not few. There are two large departments, the animation department and the department clean-up. Levels of the department is in the process, inbetweener, assistant animator, animator, and supervising animator. In the animation department alone there are two parts, namely character animation and special effects animation. It is evident from the name assigned to that character animation drawing characters. Meanwhile, the special effects take it describes as spotty rain, thunder, smoke, and others. Although there is a computer to manage this, some studios are reluctant to leave the animated effects are drawn by hand. Profit effects are still drawn by hand, among others, is dimungkinkannya stylization effects, the picture of effects that can be adjusted with the style of artistic direction art director or director of the film.
After the animation is completed, will still be carried out clean-up process. As the name, clean-up duty to "clean up". Cleanup? As discussed above, the highest levels to work in animation is the supervising animator. Not necessarily the assistant supervisor can be exactly the same as drawing a picture of the supervisor. Plus the inconvenience when the supervising animator have a habit of making images very rough (such as Glen Keane). In order to screen cinema can be seen all neatly jali, the functions of the clean-up becomes important.
This is not easy because they must consider details like the number of small dent hair (if any) on a character, fold-fold shirts, cleaning dust from the graphite paper, and others. Not infrequently they wear gloves cell relayed the heart. Some people feel the name of this department too demeaning the importance of the role of the officers clean-up. However, until now there has not been able to change the name to the better. After the clean-up completed, the results will be transferred to a cel and colored by the Ink and Paint department.
Finally, the movie will be recorded with a special camera, the multiplane camera. Lately this method a more popuer is the process of consolidating background and animation into one in the computer.
Filling voice
Voiceover of a movie can be made before or after the movie finished. Most voiceover during the film processed, but sometimes, as in Japanese animation, voiceover had done after the finished film made.
What, inventor of background music or movies, usually done when the film will soon have completed their production as in the film live-action.
Composer-music composers are doing what is not bound to work for several years, but only in one movie. They can do three or four projects at a time when composing music for a movie. For example is John Williams, Alan Menken, Danny Elfman, and Alan Silvestri. From Japan they have Yoko Kanno, Jo Hisaishi, Yuki Kajiura, Mizoguchi campaigns, and composer Kenji Kawai as their mainstay.
Until this is still not clear how the terlibatnya composers in the world of anime films that they do. Hayao Miyazaki is quite dependent upon composers customers, Joe Hisaishi. Before Jo Hisaishi will produce a full-what films of Miyazaki, it will produce prototipenya first that is usually used as the maestro inspirasinya for work.
This job is not easy. There is a drive-in in the Disney studios that if the job is finished, all the animator will lie in the hospital in coma. This is because most of them before the deadline will be in the studio during the spend-to-day conditions with less sleep. Some people at that time will only eat cereal with milk and bergelas-glass coffee or Coke. Enjoy the animated movie!
Source: The Art of Spirited Away, Hayao Miyazaki (Helen McCarthy), Disney's Art of Animation (Bob Thomas), The Art of Mulan (Jeff Kurtti), Heather Gagnier (Sheridan College alumni),, Nippon TV.

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