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March: United States Second Debate

Diposting oleh story my life On 20.22
Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to see a local TV debate in the presidential candidate of United States broadcast directly from Oxford, Mississippi direlay from the VOA. This debate may get more attention than usual because this time many eyes that are intended mainly to the United States are the financial crisis strikes, which also to other countries, there is little similarity with what is experienced by Indonesia in 1997.

Moderator issue or question to give to both candidates to be. Both candidates for alternate proposals and give views on the issue is then dealt with each other. The main topic is foreign policy and also a little offensive financial crisis.

Both candidates praise each other about themselves in their proposals to overcome the financial crisis.

About the issue of Iraq war, both candidates attacked each other on their respective views. Actual topic of foreign policy is a panda who feel their land more experienced because they never plunge in world military. However, Obama appeared to be offset knowledge about foreign policy with arguments that Logic see a wider problem.

When I see the debate take place panda almost never look Obama when Obama spoke. In Obama often stared panda.
Mccain above previous expectations of many people, he shows that experienced, and I rarely heard him use the word as "pause filler" as you know, ee ...
However, when I heard the debate without debate to see the color of the sound feels Obama is more sympathetic.

United States presidential candidates debate this is the first round of 3 times the planned debate. Debate next planned date of Oct. 7 and Oct. 15 before the election date later on 4 November.

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