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Bermuda Triangle

Diposting oleh story my life On 22.37
The actual place of mystery is not true when neighbors said, because the boundaries of the guide ships or aircraft, which lost more than a triangle. Flawless Hobbes imagination is the only course. When we take a map, we open in the United States Central, there are many islands of the West Indies. To find out how the shape of the Bermuda Triangle, we pull the line from the city of Miami to the town of San Juan in Puerto Rico; from San Juan to the island of Bermuda, and to return to the Miami area in Florida, United States. Although the actual Bermuda Triangle mystery is "owned" the American people, not the students we take memperbincangkannya. Actual places such as this, there is also in other places, also in the United States, which is in a lake
named Ontario, even more "egregious" of the Bermuda Triangle.

From the various conclusions, compass needle and aircraft equipment, which will always get lost and interference as they do not see the water and from the gejalan is concluded, in the seabed there certainly there is a strong magnetic fields that once, which is the compass or ship it to the in the seabed.

Not enough when I untangle all the events, and is also not compromising on the resolution of the problem. But the events of the supernatural in the form of bermuda triangle, and this can be possible theories that many of the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps there is air in the atmosphere such interference in the form of "hole in the sky." To the hole that the aircraft is able to enter without the exit again. From the mystery of "hole in the sky" is a theory about the kind of relationship between the world with other dimensions. hole in the sky is considered a means of transportation such as appear in the movie "Star Trek. Or form the hole in the sky UFO? Employees often connect us with the loss of the aircraft emergence UFO. So, whether the loss is because they rapt by the UFO? Even the results only get questions without answers.

There are places in the Bermuda Triangle called the Tongue of the Ocean or the "Tongue Ocean." Lien has tongue ravine below the sea (Canyon) Bahamas. There are several events in accidents there. Not much is known yet about the Bermuda Triangle, so that people connect the Bermuda Triangle mystery is the mystery of the other. For example, only mystery Sea Dragon, which had appeared in the Cape Ann, Massachusetts USA, in August 1917. On the sea dragon, many ask this sacrifice? Or Cromwell in the flow of the Pacific Ocean that caused ocean waves to be, or hurricane, earthquake in the ocean? No one who knows.

Come around the island in the Bahamas, there are blue holes, which is a kind of ocean caves. Previously this cave is really there, but after the Ice Age passed, the cave is submerged. The flow is very strong and often create a whirlpool disempowered HANDICAP. many small boats or a man to Women in the blue holes without power, and really small ships that appear to Women will return to the surface of the sea some time. But that raises the question is: Could the Blue Hole is able to swallow a giant ship basic ocean?

Another mystery that still has not revealed the mystery is being Sargasso Sea, which is not merely hallucinate. Lien is in the Sargasso many ships that never reach the goal, and terkubur in the seabed. There terhimpun ships from different era, treasure hunts, human cadaver bones. Mystery wide Sargasso Sea is 3,650 km in length and width to 1,825 km, and in the surrounding flow is very strong currents, so the vortex formed a very broad slowly rotates clockwise. Fund ocean, there are many mountains and cliffs and has a steep ravine.

Bermuda Triangle is interesting, frightening all at once. Perhaps the waters of the Caribbean is a place that many curiosity-store curiosity, such as light-light that no clear origin, the shadow of a shadow-hand, the exit sign in the sea surface, shapes, but not clearly greater than the whale. Shaped like a giant jellyfish with skin color and leucorrhoea ever seen by two people (not so halusinasi).

"Jellyfish giant" as it is able to disrupt the compass needle and physical energy. Perhaps the "giant jellyfish" is not a beast, but the base of the UFO can exit from the incoming sea. Another oddity in the nearby island of Puerto Rico, it appears a giant water spout that formed a mushroom brush or a flower. Sea where it has a depth of 10 km. This incident was seen by the Boeing 707 crew on 11 April 1963. According to their water fungi that have selebar diameter with a height of 900-1800 meters in half. Perhaps the only nuclear experiment from the United States or other countries? But the United States does not membenarkannnya, because I might try to bomb the flight path. Perhaps the explosion originated from the nuclear submarine Thresher, which lost the previous day, but the location of the loss of thousands of antisubmarine km from there.

There is a place in Boca Raton, where there is a pipe underlined the middle of 20 cm. Clearly not belong to United States (for more information: The Earth). This event is seen by the husband and wife Lloyd Wingfields. They see a pillar of smoke there, and when it is approached by them, it appears a pipe that arise from the seabed, which is the source of the smoke out. Smoke itself is not removing the odor and yellowish color. On the pipeline that fire from sources embedded in the seabed? UFO base in the basic lautkah gives?

Moreover, the depth of the sea is just in, so they did not dare to dive to see more, they also see (him) a helicopter, which damaged the engine and attempted an emergency landing at sea.

See the reality-reality, and there is evidence that the dpat maintained that, timbullah various forms of the theory may be different to one another. Theories that have been raised to open the mystery of the disappearance of the ship, among others:
The existence of a natural hazard / earthquake that could attract ships tersedot.
The existence of various currents that gathered in the Bermuda Triangle region, so that may flow down suddenly changed to the surface and cause a whirlpool.
The Blue Hole is found, but is still questionable, because the large ships such as the Tanker / mother ship may not be able disedot by the Blue Hole.
There was an earthquake that caused a fracture of land and water form a vortex and suck them.
The existence of a waterspout or wind vortex, which can cause destruction of a plane because dihempaskan.

Other reviews, in the antarctic there is a big hole that connects the outside world with the other world (either correct or not). No one ever called Admiral Bryd, view from the aircraft to the West in the south polar land next to the lake turn the clot and wild animals like Bison and see as the ancient human-human. As scientists Bryd report pristiwa it, but I believe that.

Have you heard the story of alien abduction that experienced by Herbert Schirmer has a base in the offshore Florida (Bermuda Triangle) and one of the poles earth? Maybe that place is the base of the UFO aimed less good?

The case has the same as the Bermuda Triangle, is a mystery story Mrs Roro Kidul, unfortunately, this was never a scientific investigation. Is there, there are also the base of UFO? South Sea trusted people as a place to live elf. A book-length Dawud Muhammad Isa, entitled "Dialogue with the Muslim Jin" suggested that the Bermuda Triangle is an area of the dwelling genie (pages 83-96).

Are aircraft and ships that were lost in the Bermuda triangle "transferred" to another dimension? Is there a relationship with the Bermuda Triangle Atlantis? Is there a relationship with a "chupacabra" found in Puerto Rico (near the Bermuda Triangle)? And that is unique, triangular enjoy oneself away with a rocket launch NASA (Florida)?

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