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Presidential Candidate Obama inauguration

Diposting oleh story my life On 08.10
Last night I saw a program on TV in seconds - second inauguration Obama. The appointment was held in Washington DC in this attend approximately 4 million American citizens, are among guests - important guests. The event is the first acknowledgment by the carrier to do in the event. The second is with da pastor who led the United States so that its contents can finish the event. The third is sing the national anthem by all the guests who is a fourth datang. Music, led by famous composers in the world, the unique personnel that play music from the various races who have black skin, there is a descendant of asia, and have a from the United States alone.

To the appointment of five is the vice president has been selected by Obama is about - about 2 minutes. The sixth is the event that has been waiting all citizens in the United States. Obama took the oath by cleric lasted less leih 3 minutes. And the killing is Obama is a bit nervous to imitate the sentence - the sentence is cleric. And finally, Obama has become a legitimate president of the United States to 44. The event is once rousing and care are very strict, the defense made from land lines, water and air. And after that Obama make a speech as the first president of the United States to 44. The content of the speech is that Obama will be interesting all the U.S. troops in Iraq, he will support peace in Afghanistan, da an improving U.S. economy, he will establish a more tanks with Islam, and many more. But I wonder why at the time of a speech he does not offend the problem of Israel and Palestine. That is the summary of historical events.

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2 Response to 'Presidential Candidate Obama inauguration'

  1. mberenis Said,

    Very cool ceremony for $124M I'm glad he enjoyed it. I'm sure the steak that night was great. Who did the catering?


  2. Selamat, mbak dapet award, cepet diambil ya Mbak!!!


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