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Four latest Nokia mobile phone (with the number of new)

Diposting oleh story my life On 11.32
At the Growing Together 2008 conference in Johannesburg, Nokia introduced some new products to market that is growing.

The first, the Nokia 5000 has been equipped with 1.3 megapixel camera and QVGA screen the size is large enough. This is the product of Nokia megapixel camera with the cheapest on the market. The price is estimated to be between 50 Euro to 90 Euro. Fiturnya include: FM radio and FM radio recording (for some areas), Music player, Bluetooth, Email, MP3 and AAC ringtones, GPRS, WAP 2.0, Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, MMS, Advanced calculator, Image Caller ID. There are three color options: Cyber Green, Neon Blue, Purple and Perfect.

Berdesain slider phone fans will be more interested in the Nokia 2680 slide. This series is also a Nokia mobile phone berdesain slide the cheapest. Fiturnya include: VGA camera, Bluetooth,
FM radio and FM radio recording (for some areas), Email, MP3 ringtones, GPRS, Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, 1000-entry phonebook, MMS, WAP 2.0, Organizer with the local calendar, calculator and Advanced.
There are four color choices, from the slate Gray, night blue, orange, and violet.

Nokia also not forget the fans phone folding berdesain and the Nokia 7070 Prism. Again, this is the cheapest mobile phone design from Nokia. Although cheap, but far from the effect of the design bit. Fiturnya include: MP3 ringtones & 24 Polyphonic ringtones, Light indicators, GPRS, Email, up to 11MB memory, the Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, Prepaid tracker, Phonebook 1000-entry. There are two color options; Black & Accent Pink and Black & Blue Accent.

The last, the Nokia 1680 Classic, is intended for those who often deal with the email. This is evident with the support of a sizable EDGE connection, if only to quickly retrieve email. Other features: VGA camera (300K pixels) with video recording, Email, Voice recording, MP3 ringtones & 24 Polyphonic ringtones, GPRS & EDGE, 64K TFT display, the Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, Phonebook 1000-entry, MMS, IM, handsfree speaker, English-Chinese dictionary (special area of China and Apac). Options are four colors: Black, Slate Gray, Wine Red, Deep Plum.

Phewwww, quite a lot ... and not from this lineup, there are some things that we want to emphasis the Nokia mobile phone for entry-level class. Email problems first. Nokia seems to want to encourage more frequent use of email on mobile phones. All of the above model features email, which is the S40 features the latest software. So later in the day, it seems all Nokia mobile phone will be able to send email (POP3 and IMAP). That's good!

Meanwhile, in terms of price, see if the price is the highest and lowest 90 EURO EURO 50, or still below Rp 1.5 million. Of course, these are only estimates, there is no certainty, given the tax policy for the mobile phone in each country differ. However, if the views fiturnya, most of the features that previously could only be enjoyed in the mobile phone class of Rp 2 million are now "down grade". One more plus points.

To design, the average standard enough (except the 770 Prism), and according to my rather boring, especially for the Nokia 5000 and Nokia 1680 Classic. Meanwhile affairs for the name, we get a number that is easy to remember. Perhaps the term, this is the number cantiknya for the mobile phone world.

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